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Top 5 Mouth Dropping False Facts – Myths About Owls

Top 5 Mouth Dropping False Facts - Myths About Owls


Top 5 Mouth Dropping False Facts – Myths About Owls

Myths about owls – Covered in secret nights, shrouded in a halo of delusions and mystical legends – owls – mysterious forest birds, about which we know prohibitively little. They scare, admire and fascinate with their beauty. Since childhood, we hear stories and legends about them, making sure of the otherworldly power of these living beings. But it’s time to dispel a little mysterious flair and find out who these beautiful harbingers of the night really are.

In the popular TV series “Twin Peaks” the phrase “Owls are not what they seem” sounded. And now we invite you to see this by debunking the most common myths surrounding these birds.

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Myth about the eyes: Owls see only at night

Myth about the eyes Owls

Each of us has heard that two huge eyes, sparkling in the dark, are not able to see anything in the light of day. They are allegedly blind from the bright sun, so they sleep all day waking up only at night.

We hasten to assure you that this is not true! In the daytime, owls see even better than at night. Just because of the excellent hearing, they, unlike many other birds, perfectly oriented in the dark.

This misconception has been strongly influenced by such legends and tales as:

  • Legend of the Owl
  • Sufi parable
  • Lazy owl. Tuvan tale

Because of their abilities, the ancient religions attached special importance to owls – in India, the owl was considered the patron saint of the night and the conductor of souls to the afterlife. In the Celtic and Slavic legends, she became a messenger of dark forces and a “witch bird.”

The myth of belonging to the genus: Owl is a male owl

The myth of belonging to the genus Owl

Misconception that often appears in other animals and birds. For example, many people think that raven and raven are husband and wife. But it is not, owl and owl – this is an example. The concept of “owl” is a general, it covers all the birds of the owl family – owls, owls, long-eared owls and owls, including.

So not every owl is an owl, but every owl is an owl.

Myth about ears: Eared owls are heard with the help of fluffy beams on the head

Myth about ears Eared owls

The peculiar “ears” on the head of a special species of owls are not an organ of sense – it is just a bundle of feathers framing the head of creation. Owls’ ears – two asymmetrical holes in the head. The right is below and directed upwards so that the bird can hear sounds from above. The left is located above and downward to catch the sounds from below. This unusual structure allows owls to catch subtle squeaks and rustles.

Turning Myth: Owl can turn its head 180 degrees

Turning Myth Owl

If the previous myths were real delusions, then in this case, on the contrary, there is an underestimation of the Sov. After all, they actually can rotate their heads, and do it by as much as 270 degrees. This is due to the fact that they have double the number of vertebrae – 14, not 7, like in other birds. Their eyes are fixed in their sockets – they can only look forward.

Thus, by their rotation they provide themselves with new opportunities for viewing and, since they cannot move their eyes, they have well-developed binocular vision.

The myth of the sounds being made: All owls “hoot” and “gurgle”

In fact, say “oh” you can only a few species of owls. The sounds made by the other owls are amazing and can frighten you on a dark night. They can meow like cats, bark, hiss like snakes and make sounds similar to children’s or female cries.

Most likely, this is why owls seem so mysterious and creepy – an ominous nocturnal predator with shimmering eyes that screams like a human being. Awesome image, is not it?

The myth of intelligence: Owls – one of the smartest birds

The myth of intelligence Owls

Even in ancient Greece, an owl was depicted with the goddess of wisdom, Athena. And even now on various logos of educational institutions draw owls – as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. In fact, an owl is not a very smart bird, which in its abilities is much inferior to crows. The development of mental abilities in predators, stops after they acquire sufficient skills for survival.

Owls – what they are

Namely – interesting to learn and beautiful-looking birds. They gave rise to many secrets, but even without legends and myths are among the most amazing creatures that are found in our forests.

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