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Mystery Cat’s Eye – Photo | mysticism | Superstition | Reasons | Explanation


Mystery Cat’s Eye – Photo | mysticism | Superstition | Reasons | Explanation

Cats are true loyal friends to many people. And this friendship has been around for centuries. Therefore, it is not surprising that during this time a lot of myths, legends, beliefs and superstitions have appeared. One of them is not to look the cat directly in the eye. What is the reason for this and is there a scientific explanation for this sign? And also a little about the “eye language” of cats – in the article.

The mystery of the cat’s eye

Since ancient times, in almost all countries of the world, cats were believed to help witches, wizards and healers, so they should have a special relationship with “other worlds”. Ancient people believed that the World of the Dead is reflected in large and mysterious cat eyes, and if you look at them for a long time, you can bring disaster upon yourself.

Of course, this is a mystical myth. But does he have a real explanation?

In fact, you can look into the eyes of a cat. But not for long! And there is no mysticism in it, only scientific facts.

Cats are animals. And any wild animal perceives a long direct look from another individual, as a threat and manifestation of aggression. Of course, pets have drowned these instincts within themselves for centuries of domestication. But still, they feel uneasy when someone (especially a person) looks intently into their eyes for a long time.

It is best to look into the eyes of your furry friend as if it were an accident. Then the cat will not see any threat in this and will not show aggression.

Important! It is interesting to observe the feline communication and interaction with each other. When one animal wants to avoid a fight with another, it simply looks away. Thus, it clearly shows that it is configured only peacefully and friendly.

Eye language

Cats can show their mood and emotions not only with their body, coat, tail or ears. Their look is also very clearly changing. If you study some of the features, you can quickly guess the intentions of your pet.

When an animal is angry or attacked, its pupils automatically expand. If you miss this clear signal and don’t understand that at the moment the pet is not at all set up for the game or affection, then there is a great chance of being bitten or scratched.

But if the cat closes his eyes for longer than a second, then this indicates his absolute confidence and calm in this environment. It is very interesting to observe this – the animal slowly covers its eyelids, but not to the end. And then it keeps them closed at the lowest point for a split second. It looks like a pretty squint. And it is quite possible to “mirror” in order to further strengthen the trust of the pet. Just repeat all his movements for centuries at the same speed. And you will immediately notice the result.

In the opposite situation, when the puffy does not trust and maintains maximum vigilance, he opens his eyes wide. But, if the eyes are wide open, and at the same time the cat plays or caresses, then this look speaks of friendliness and affection.

Often, representatives of the cat family narrow their pupils literally in a crack. This indicates a strong emotional arousal – fear, anger, pleasure. Such a “gesture” can be observed, for example, when a kitten sees a full bowl of his favorite food. Or he will notice an unfamiliar cat on the horizon. It all depends on the context of the situation and on other gestures with the body, tail and ears.

If the pet looks at any object without blinking, then it shows dominance, control over the situation and some aggression. For example, if there are several cats in the house, then you can notice the hierarchy in the relationship between them. During feeding, some of them will modestly sit at a distance and be afraid to approach the bowl. And one (or one, if it is a cat) at this time can recognize a confident, unblinking look.

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