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My Dog’s Poop Falls Apart: Abnormal Or Normal (10 Glue Together Tips)



My Dog’s Poop Falls Apart: Abnormal Or Normal (10 Glue Together Tips)

There is always a good reason for asking why “my dog’s poop falls apart” and even better that you actually notice its texture. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why this happens, how to prevent it as well as when you really need to worry.

As uncomfortable as it is to think and talk about it, this topic is very important. It is so important that it can save the life of your pet

How does normal feces in dogs look? Generally, normal feces is considered to be one that is chocolate-brown in color, oblong, cylindrical in shape. 

Also, it should be compact – neither too soft nor too hard, and its content is even, without unusual creations. Keep in mind that every dog ​​is different, so the normal color of feces varies from dog to dog.

To be sure of the normal appearance of your pet’s feces, it is enough to take a look at the contents it leaves behind after defecation. Based on experience, if you notice any deviation in appearance, you will know what further steps you need to take to help your dog.

What Makes Dog Poop Normal?

It is difficult to paint the picture of ideal dog poop. The reasons for a potential deviation in the color of the feces are often harmless and easy to solve.

This depends on the food that a dog receives (for example, if the dog ate something that is harder to digest), and in addition, each poop also differs per dog. However, changes can sometimes be a signal of serious health conditions when it is necessary to react urgently.  

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In order to exclude as much as possible the possibility that the cause of the change in feces is inadequate nutrition of your pet, it is advisable to use quality premium and super premium dog food in your diet.

Using the following factors, we give you a guideline to look for when assessing a dog’s stool:

Smell – The Type you May not Like

Poop is and remains poop; it will never smell good. But if the stool has a really pungent odor, there’s a good chance something isn’t being digested properly in the dog’s body.


A normal dog turd is chocolate brown in color. However, there can certainly be a difference that does not always have to be a cause for concern. The food your dog receives has a lot of influence on the color of the stool. 

For example, certain animal species in the diet can make the dog turd look darker or lighter. 


Poop from a healthy dog ​​has a firm consistency. Loose poop is usually a sign that your pet has eaten something it cannot tolerate, that it is stressed, that its diet does not suit it, or that it has a worm.

While poop that is only slightly dissolved is usually a reaction to a minor irritation in the stomach, very liquid poop is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection or medication. 

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as meloxicam, also known as Metacam and Loxicom, can lead to very loose, watery stools, sometimes with traces of blood.

The best thing you can do in this case is to stop the medication and consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

A sudden change in diet and salty seawater can also lead to watery stools.

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Quantity: Size (small or big)

The size of the poop obviously has to do with the size of the dog. A small dog has a smaller turd than a dog of a larger dog breed. In addition, the diet has a major influence on the amount of stool. 

Dogs that are fed good quality food that includes a lot of meat, generally have less stool than dogs that are fed food that contains, for example, a lot of carbohydrates such as grains. 

This has to do with digestibility. Does your dog often poop in a day? Then there is a good chance that the animal cannot digest the food properly or that it gets too much food.

CoatingIntestinal Inflammation

A slimy coating can give the poop a glossy or slimy appearance and often indicates intestinal inflammation. If the poop has not returned to normal within 48 hours, it is best to talk to a veterinarian.

Consistency: Loose or Hard?

Obviously, loose stools are not the intention, but a too-hard poop is also not pleasant for the dog. The structure of a good dog turd is somewhere in between: a solid turd that can break into pieces, but not completely fall apart when it hits the ground.

Content – Pet’s Poop

The contents of your pet’s poop can give you tips on both physical health and problem behaviors. While blood, for example, can be a sign of an ongoing infection, fur can indicate stress.

Blood or blood clots can be something that gives real cause for concern, especially in large quantities. Stools often smell very bad in these cases and the dog can feel extremely bad.

If you often see fur in the dog’s poop, it may be because it is washing too much. If you take it for granted, you can try to distract it.

Because dogs often explore the world with their mouths, it is not uncommon to find foreign objects, such as socks or toys, in their poop. If the object has passed the intestine and come out, and the dog shows no signs of illness, there is no need to worry.

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But sometimes things can get stuck. If the dog starts vomiting or releases thin abnormal sausages, this may indicate that something has remained further up in the digestive system and that help from the veterinarian is needed for it to come out.

Another weird thing you can see in dog poop is white spots that look like rice grains. This is usually a worm. In this situation, a dose of deworming can free the dog from the problem. If you are not sure how much to give, you can consult your veterinarian.

Of course, not all worms are visible to the naked eye, which is why it is so important to give preventive treatment every three months. If you are worried that your pet may have parasites, you can send a poop sample to a veterinary laboratory and have it analyzed.

Frequency: How Much Is Enough?

How often a dog poops in a day differs per dog. It is, therefore, more important to see whether there is regularity in the number of times a dog defecates in a day. Does the dog poop several times one day and not at all the next? Then something is wrong.

Diarrhea, watery, or slimy poop can be a sign that something is wrong with your dog’s stomach. Dog poo should be compact, moist, and easy to pick up. And if your dog’s poop is hard or dry, that could be a sign of your dog’s constipation.

Discoloration or extreme odor can also be indicators that something is wrong with your dog.

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