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My Dog will not Stop Pooping And Peeing In the House: 10 Un-Frustrated Tips (Experts)

My Dog will not Stop Pooping And Peeing In the House

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My Dog will not Stop Pooping And Peeing In the House: 10 Un-Frustrated Tips (Experts)

You finally joined the wagon right? My Dog will not Stop Pooping And Peeing In the House is a problem common so today will talk about the reasons/causes/solutions/tips. Let’s start! Depending on whether it is a male or a female, unclean behaviors may have a different cause. 

We notice that in males urinary marking is a more recurrent behavior than in females. This marking can be done during walks but sometimes, some dogs do not hesitate to mark in houses. 

This behavior, which is called “Urine marking” and not “territory marking”, is identifiable since the dog will squirt urine at different places in the house

It is therefore necessary to differentiate this behavior from that of a dog who urinates in only one place. There are several reasons for this tagging behavior:

  • The dog needs to feel more secure and his smell of urine will allow him to be reassured.
  • The dog has difficulty finding its place in the house, this may be in relation to the other tenants of the house (dog, cat, child, etc.). He may also experience a feeling of insecurity. It is also possible that the dog thinks that he is not being taken care of enough and produces this urine marking to get attention.
  • The dog in distress of loneliness can be brought to release the tensions he experiences by urinating in several places. The goal is always to feel safer.

Why does my dog ​​have accidents?

For starters, it’s important to remember that dogs are relatively clean animals. They don’t tend to do their business where they live and where they lie down. Take advantage of this natural instinct to teach the puppy the right gestures from its first weeks in your home.

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Since the dog does not read your mind, it will be impossible for him to relieve himself in the place you have designated for this purpose. Your role is therefore to make him understand that you want him to relieve himself at a specific point outside.

 It is therefore necessary to consider the accidents of this new member of your household as a completely natural misunderstanding on his part. Nothing more.

Despite everything, it happens that after having finished their apprenticeship, some dogs go back to urinating inside. This can be explained by two different factors:

Physiological causes: a dog that pees in the house may have a urinary tract infection. He just can’t hold himself back. This is why it is always essential to consult a veterinarian if a dog urinates in the house suddenly.

Behavioral causes: very often, it is the behavior of the dog that is the cause of peeing in the house. Your dog may be too fearful to go outside to relieve himself or so attached to you that he is stressed every time you leave.

If the pee problem in the house persists , you may need a professional: veterinarian or canine behaviorist.

What is uncleanliness?

Uncleanliness is a human interpretation, since a dog is not disgusted by its needs or those of others. We therefore consider that a dog is unclean when he relieves himself (wee and/or poo) inside the house , even though he has the opportunity to go outside regularly. We should therefore not speak of uncleanliness in the puppy since it is still learning.

A dog needs to be able to build his ability to hold himself back, so it can’t happen overnight. The frequency of outings must therefore be made according to this capacity.

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Why is a dog unclean?

Understanding the cause in order to solve the problem is important, if we don’t want a situation to get worse. Here are the causes that can cause a dog to be unclean:

  • bad learning : if we want our dog to be clean, we have to teach him. Otherwise, he cannot know what is expected of him , since the meaning of cleanliness is not the same for humans as it is for dogs. Indeed, for the dog, being clean simply means not doing where he sleeps.
  • emotional factors : as with humans, emotional sensitivity will influence the ability to hold back
  • health issues
  • problems related to the behavior of the dog : frustration, hypersensitivity, stress , fear , excitement, etc.
  • urine marking
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