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My Dog Keeps Needing To Poop in the Middle of the Night: Late Bloomer?



My Dog Keeps Needing To Poop in the Middle of the Night: Late Bloomer?

“My dog keeps needing to poop in the middle of the night” – You’re enjoying sweet dreams when suddenly your dog jumps up and wakes you from your peaceful sleep. We explain five typical reasons that will help you to understand your four-legged bestie and to tackle the problem in a targeted manner!

A healthy adult dog should normally be able to sleep through the night without defecating or urinating.

Very young dogs, on the other hand, naturally have a very small bladder, so they can hardly last more than 4-5 hours without peeing. But that changes when maturing.

The same applies to very old dogs, who develop increasingly weak bladders due to their age. For this reason, there are already cool products, especially for this:

  • Pee Pads: Absorbent pads that act as a kind of dog toilet around the house.
  • Dog diapers: reusable, absolutely leak-proof, and also a visual highlight.
  • Dog flap: airtight, burglar-proof, and only lets your dog in the house.

Dog Is Taking Midnight Strolls – Here Are The Causes.

If your four-legged friend has to go outside at night, this can be very tiring for everyone involved. We explain the possible reasons for this behavior.

  • Puppy: If your four-legged friend is still very young, its bladder still has a relatively small volume. For this reason, puppies and young dogs often have to go outside at night.
  • Old age: If your darling has reached a certain age, age-related bladder weakness can be the reason for the nocturnal interruptions. The hormone fluctuations that older four-legged friends often suffer from are responsible for this.
  • Wrong routine: Other reasons for nocturnal interruptions can be going for a walk too early or feeding too late in the evening. These habits can result in your dog relieving himself at night.
  • Workload: If your darling takes a lot of naps throughout the day because he is bored, this can have a negative effect on his sleep at night. If your dog is active at night, this stimulates digestion and bladder activity. As a result, he has to go outside at night.
  • Health reasons: If your four-legged friend has to go out at night, this can be attributed to health reasons. Medical conditions that increase the need for nighttime relief include A urinary tract infection, a viral infection, and diabetes.
  • If your dog needs to relieve itself at night for a longer period of time, you should urgently have this checked out by your veterinarian.

There is usually only cause for concern if your dog suddenly has to go out at night for a long time. Because that can indicate existing diseases.

In the following, you will learn about the 6 most common causes, their symptoms, and what to do in each specific case.

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