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My dog is in pain and can’t Poop: Let’s Talk It’s Crime Serious! (Noble Tips)


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My dog is in pain and can’t Poop: Let’s Talk It’s Crime Serious! (Noble Tips)

When to See a Doctor

If we observe faeces halfway out, we can extract them, gently, pulling them. If we notice any resistance we should stop and consult our veterinarian and, of course, avoid or limit the consumption of bones. If the compacted stools are due to dehydration, it is likely that we will observe more symptoms. These are cases that require veterinary intervention.

It is worth noting that attempts to eliminate constipation at home can only be made when the animal feels normal, and there has not been a stool for more than 3 (maximum 4) days. The life of a dog that does not urinate is in serious danger. An adequate diet will favor the correct intestinal transit, as well as an adequate supply of water.

In some cases (for example, with intestinal obstruction), defecation can only be established surgically or with special preparations that only a specialist can prescribe. Sometimes tumors, abscesses, growths or enlargements in the anal area, in the glands, or in the prostate can be behind defecation difficulties and, also, they will need veterinary attention.

In addition, constipation is only a symptom of some diseases, therefore, in order to save the animal from problems with stools in the future, it will be necessary to find out the cause of problems with defecation. 

With worms, for example, the introduction of deworming agents will be required, with stress – sedative sedatives, with bacterial ailments – antibiotics, and so on. Call the doctor as soon as possible if:

  • The dog is sick, there are a number of dangerous symptoms (refusal to eat, breathing problems, bad breath , etc.);
  • The animal refuses food;
  • When trying to feel the stomach, the dog runs away or starts to “cry”;
  • If the animal has not pooped for more than 4 days;
  • If no independent attempts to cope with constipation have been successful.
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Now, if a dog cannot defecate or urinate, we must urgently take it to the veterinarian since it would be an emergency. 

My dog ​​can’t poop, what can I give him?

In some cases, the dog cannot defecate because there has been an obstruction in the digestive tract that occurs when the dog ingests an object that ends up getting stuck, such as a ball, a toy or, again, a bone.If he does not poop at all and only complains, he is very constipated. The reason is a poor diet and poor hydration. You have to make sure he drinks well every day. 

Have your drinker always full of fresh water. When you feed him, change his dry feed for wet cans and pour some water into it, which will provide a little more liquid to the body. In such a situation, the dog may not defecate and vomit or may not defecate and does not want to eat either, that is, we will notice that it is upset. It requires veterinary intervention because it is necessary to determine where the object is to know if it will be able to come out or if it will have to be removed by surgery, since the obstruction can be partial or complete.

In addition, he changes his feed for a high-quality one. To encourage his guts to move and shit more and better, walk with him more. These tips should be applied only if you do not find what we mentioned in their stool. If you see that he has blood in his stool, there are no home remedies that are worth it, you have to take him to the vet.

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The reason is that it is very possible that you have a small or large internal bleeding, which is the reason for so much pain. That blood flows to the anus and is expelled through the stool. These wounds sometimes heal on their own, but don’t wait and take action.

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