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My dog has a loose tooth should I pull it out – Best Advice

Dog's teeth


My dog has a loose tooth should I pull it out – Best Advice

My dog has a loose tooth should I pull it out – Under what circumstances does the dog drop teeth? everything you need to know to prevent and treat this annoying problem.

Dog's teeth
Tooth loss in dogs: prevention and advice (Pixabay Photo)

An adult dog can have it various health problems, including tooth loss. But when this occurs in a younger or even puppy, it is appropriate to ask yourself a few more questions. It is an often traumatic event even for the owner, who does not know how to cope with the situation. Prevention in these cases is essential and will help our Fido to have a healthier and stronger dentition, minimizing the risk of dental loss. There are various aspects to consider and all the remedies to be taken to ensure that it does not occur again teeth fall out in the dog.

Teeth drop in puppy dog

Dog teeth fall out
Fall of the dog’s teeth in the puppy (Photo Pixabay)

From an old dog (See: Old dog: all diseases and age risks) we can expect it: like humans, the entire bone, joint and muscle system begins to weaken. Even small stresses can be fatal to the teeth, which can fall out. But in the case of the puppy dog, how can this phenomenon be explained? The chicks have two sets of teeth, the dairy ones and the definitive ones. The former fall to let the latter grow normally. So there is no need to worry if we notice that the puppy loses his teeth: it is completely normal for the escape of others who are waiting to grow.

As soon as they are born, the puppies are toothless, and only towards the first two weeks of life do the first milk teeth begin to grow, which grow at least up to two or three months of age. Once the dog’s teething is over, the number of milk teeth is 28, while as adults they will have about 42. So if we happen to find the puppy’s jelly bowl in the teeth, don’t worry! These are baby teeth that will be replaced.

Teeth fall in the dog: all possible causes

dog mouth
Dog teeth fall: how to make them healthier and stronger (Pixabay Photo)

Let’s see what are the reasons, often pathological, that lead a dog to lose his teeth. It is therefore not just a matter of age, since dogs can be affected by some diseases which, among the symptoms, also include this, unfortunately. Before panicking, however, it is good to follow this advice: we keep the fallen tooth to show it to the veterinarian. In some cases it could be a baby tooth that has not yet been replaced, although the dog is now an adult. This happens when the final ones do not push the first teeth and remain in the gums: it will be a matter of time, but the dog will lose them because they are small and weak teeth, with rather short roots.

Periodontal diseases: weaken the tissue that holds the tooth with inflammation, infections and even tooth loss in dogs. It usually begins with the detachment of the tooth from its base, the gingival recession and the first flaky teeth.

Plaque and tartar: the two are closely related. In fact, if the plaque is not removed with proper oral hygiene, it will turn into small tartar crystals, which is much more difficult to remove with a simple brushing to the teeth.

Inflammation of the gums: o gingivitis, which among the symptoms has not only red gums but also halitosis in the dog and bleeding episodes.

Trauma: a blow, injury or violent impact can cause the dog’s teeth to fall out. It is true that if it is a ‘final’ tooth, the blow must be very strong for it to fall. But on the other hand, playing can happen. Even an already damaged and injured tooth can be weaker and fall out.

Prevention: an infallible weapon

Dog and teeth (Pixabay Photo)

As always ‘Prevention is better than cure’, Even in the case of dog tooth loss. Most of the diseases mentioned above can be avoided by following a correct oral hygiene, which involves small daily sacrifices for excellent results.

Canine oral hygiene is extremely important and can be done daily with the specific toothbrush for Fido: some of them are worn on the finger, like gloves, in order to make the operation easier and less traumatic for the dog. as regards professional tooth cleaning, a veterinarian should be contacted, who will administer the anesthesia to the animal and use ultrasound devices and manual instruments.

If there is not enough time to devote himself to cleaning the teeth, they exist on the market games and objects various designed specifically for the dental needs of our dog. By playing with them and taking bites, Fido will brush his teeth himself.

There are some foods, such as crunchies and dry foods, which can be valuable allies for dog teething. Furthermore malnutrition it can lead to various problems, including tooth loss due to gingival weakening. It is not just about giving the dog little food but also not giving him the right and healthy foods for his diet.

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