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My dog ​​”rapes” the cat! Minor mistake or serious problem?



My dog ​​”rapes” the cat! Minor mistake or serious problem?

A dog and a cat living in one house can be real friends or … have a very strange relationship! Certain behaviors of such a furry duo are sometimes extremely disturbing to the guardian of a mixed herd. Especially when the dog “rapes” the cat. Where do these behaviors come from and should we worry about them?

Why does a dog “rape” a cat?

Dogs often behave in ways that disgust us or seriously disturb us. Smelling the back of another quadruped, rolling in a stinking carrion or eating horse droppings are just some of the behaviors that are incomprehensible to us, which are completely natural for dogs. However, does copulation on home growl fall into this category? Here’s what you need to know if your dog “rapes” a cat!

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Why do dogs copulate?

Copulating is the natural behavior of dogs. For obvious reasons, we associate it with reproductive behavior – this is how fertilization occurs between dogs. However, dogs may also behave in this way under other circumstances. After all, they can do it on males, our legs or toys. Bitches can also behave in this way. Here are some other reasons why dogs copulate.

  • Excitement. Some dogs can easily excite while playing. The energy accumulated in such situations must find its outlet! Copulation is one way to discharge excess energy.
  • Tension, stress and frustration. Some dogs bark under stress, scratch or even obsessively dig holes. Copulation is also one of the behaviors that bring relief to some dogs in difficult times.
  • Dog communication. Jumping on the back of the other dog and mating is also the way these animals communicate with each other. This behavior can be an insistent play, an attempt to draw the other dog’s attention to himself or a clear message that there is no sympathy between the dogs.
  • Health problems. It is rare for copulatory reflexes to be caused by a medical condition. However, inflammation of the urinary tract and itching of intimate areas can lead a dog to such behavior.

Why a cat?

Dogs living with cats can sometimes try to mate on the meowing fur. It is no different from mating on another dog, pillow or your leg. However, for the cat itself, this situation is usually extremely unpleasant and can lead to quarrels between animals. If your dog “rapes” a cat, watch carefully in what context this is happening. Most likely, the homemade purr is just a random and completely innocent victim of a pooch who is looking for an outlet for his stress or frustration. Although it must be admitted that in some cases the dog may behave in this way also because of the conflict with this murmur for some time … Or relieve the unpleasant torment from another four-legged household member on the cat.

What to do if a dog “rapes” a cat?

Quieter fun with the dog, providing him with adequate mental work and proper care of the dog’s daily needs. All this can cause the quadruped to stop mating on the cat, pillows or your legs, wanting to relieve the growing frustration. On the other hand, isolating the four-legged dog in exciting moments for the dog (for example, when visiting guests) and distracting the dog while jumping on the cat will allow you to prevent such situations. However, if the problem between your pets is not limited to “raping” the cat by the dog, you will need the help of a behaviorist who will help you reconcile feuding pets. Or look for another real reason for this behavior!

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