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My dog ​​dreams and cries in his sleep


My dog ​​dreams and cries in his sleep

All the owners have already seen their dogs squeak or move in their sleep. Dogs are able, like humans, to dream while they sleep. Do not wake them up and let them finish their dream quietly.

Dogs spend a lot of time sleeping from an early age. The puppies sleep almost 18 to 20 hours a day. Sleep time gradually decreases over time, adult dogs sleep 10 to 15 hours a day. The more intense the physical activity of a dog during the day, the more the dog will sleep.

Like humans, dogs have cycles sleep which last on average 2 hours and are composed of:

  • deep sleep phases (on average 1h30): the brain activity of dogs is slowed down.
  • REM sleep phases (on average 30 min): dogs have strong brain activity (hence the term paradoxical). We can also observe eye movements as well as a decrease in muscle tone. The length of REM sleep is longer in puppies than in adults.

Professor Stanley Cohen of the University of British Columbia has shown that the brain activity of dogs during sleep is comparable to that of humans. This therefore tends to confirm that dogs also dream. During their dreams, dogs can moan, bark, move their legs, run, have spasms … Their eyes can be closed or half-closed. It is during REM sleep that dogs mostly dream.

He also determined that small dogs dream more than large dogs: a small dog can dream every ten minutes against every hour for a large dog. But the dreams of large dogs last longer.

Researchers have determined that dogs dream of things they have experienced during the day, like humans. So dreams are very different from one dog to another. The type of dream varies according to the activity and the breed of the animal (a hunting dog can dream that it is chasing after a prey, a family dog ​​can dream moments of games with the owners, etc.).

It is not necessary not disturb the dog in his sleep even if he barks or moans, this is completely normal. Sleep is essential for recovery, memorization and growth in puppies.

So that your dog sleeps as well as possible, offer him a comfortable bed. For senior dogs, memory foam mattresses are popular for relieving joints. In summer, refreshing rugs will delight your dog.

Good to know: it is best not to let your dog sleep with you in your bed. Choose him a comfortable bed as soon as he arrives home and place him in a corner where he will not be able to control the comings and goings.

If your dog has trouble sleeping, talk to your veterinarian. Older dogs can in particular have trouble sleeping with alternating sleep / wake cycles.

Just like humans, dogs are able to dream during their sleep. When they dream, dogs can growl, bark, etc … without knowing what they are dreaming exactly!

If your dog grunts

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