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My cat wants to be alone all of a sudden: 4 simple questions

your cat is unsocial


My cat wants to be alone all of a sudden: 4 simple questions

Cat wants to be alone all of a suddenHave you ever wondered if your cat is asocial? Good! You can find out by simply answering the questions in this test.

Is your cat unsocial? Find out by answering 4 simple questions (Pixabay Photo)

If you have a cat you know very well what he loves and what he hates. Above all, you know exactly how long yours is hairy friend loves to dedicate you.

It has always been thought that the cat compared to dog be an animal more asocial, who loves his spaces and who often prefers to be alone.

Yet there are scholars who claim that i cats are really men’s best friends. Want to find out if yours feline belongs to the category of asocial? Answer these simple questions.

TEST- Is your cat unsocial?

wise cat advice
The cat teaches us to live better. (Photo Pexels)

The test consists in answering 4 simple questions, to find out if yours cat is unsocial or not.

1 Question

Does Puss know his name?

It is necessary, to understand if the your cat is interested in you or not, to know if kitty knows his name. To find out, try saying words similar to your cat’s name, using the same intonation. Then call him, if pussycat he turns to you, moves his ears or his tail only when you say his name means he recognizes it.

2 Question

Is the cat empathizing with you?

To understand if the cat is empathetic to you put yourself in a room with him and an object he is afraid of for example a vacuum cleaner. Approach the object and start giving it “compliments”. If your cat calms down enough to get close vacuum cleaner, means that trusts you.

3 Question

Is your cat independent?

because cats disappear for days from home
Why does the cat limp? The various motifs (Adobe Stock Photo)

Put yourself in a room with yours cat, initially ignore him, then try to interact with him by calling him. If he turns and comes to you, fill him with cuddles and talk to him. That means yours cat is sociable. If instead your cat doesn’t consider you it means that kitty is very independent. In this case, we recommend that you spend a little more time with yours cat playing and talking to him.

4 Question

Does the cat prefer food or you?

Want to find out if the Does your cat prefer food or you? Then take the foods your cat loves most, lay them on the ground and sit next to them. If the cat approaches you and forget about food, it means yours cat is not at all unsocial. We remind you to try this small test at a different time, to make sure that if your cat gets close to food, he only does it because he is hungry.

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