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Top 5 + 1 Unbelievable Cats – Most Affectionate Cat Breed

Top 5 + 1 Unbelievable Cats - Most Affectionate Cat Breed


Top 5 + 1 Unbelievable Cats – Most Affectionate Cat Breed

Take a look at this top 5 listing of the Most Affectionate Cat Breed – Cats can be reputed to be independent and even, at times, restrained animals. There are reasons for such a stereotype, but you may be very surprised to learn that there are breeds of very loving, affectionate and devoted domestic cats.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon type of cat

The gentle maine coon giant is the largest of all breeds of domestic cats and his heart is as big as he is! These cats with long, silky hair occupy the first place in the list of the most friendly breeds. Maine Coon loves everyone around him – from children to other pets. She loves long, silent hugs and restless games. He will often rub his head against you and follow the shadow of the people he loves, letting you know how valuable and important they are to him! Maine Coons love to sit on your lap, sleep on your bed, be present at your table and live in your heart!

Siamese cat

Siamese cat type

Perhaps one of the most intriguing cat breeds is Siamese, famous for its royal look and stunning eyes. But did you know that she is also very friendly and loving? This cat is so sweet and so easy to get along with, that some compare it with a dog.

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The Siamese cat is a great communicator – she will be very actively discussing with you everything she likes or doesn’t like. She is a loud lady and does not hesitate to express her opinion (or complaints) to everyone around. Cheeky, sociable and affectionate – these traits help her to win the hearts of people. The Siamese cat is definitely worthy of taking an honorable place in the list of cats of loving people because it is the soul of society and a furry friend for the whole family.


Regdol type of cats

One of the most friendly cats is a fluffy regdol, a fairly new breed, bred in the 1960s. Regdol (English “rag doll”) got her fancy name because she completely relaxes in the hands of her beloved people and her limp body is pleasant to hold on her lap or worn around the house as a child.

Regdol is a good choice for people who live in apartments or other small rooms, she gets along well with children. “Rag dolls” are sweet, attached to family members and are always welcome at the front door of those who return home. They are a little detached, not particularly curious, prefer to follow the hosts around the house, ready at any moment for a sudden kiss or for an unexpected hug.


Abyssinian cat type

This variety of cats, considered one of the most ancient breeds in the world, may not want to sit on your lap, but prefer to entertain society with its dexterity and intelligence, but it loves its family and is very sociable.

Abyssinian cat can and relax and play, to old age, preserving these properties of character. Abyssinian behavior is either a speed race around the house or a state of complete languor. Abyssinians are prone to curiosity and can stick their beautiful face into your business, distracting you with a game or climbing up to high roosts. These cats are characterized by acceptance and adoration of all family members and they rightfully occupy their place in the list of the most loving breeds!


Burmese cat type

This breed is considered the world favorite and it even has its own legend, originating from Burma, that the very first cat received its earthen color wool and sky-blue eyes from the goddess, after taking care of its owner and protecting the temple from the bandits .

This devotion and affection for people is still one of her most admired qualities! If the Burmese had a slogan, it would have sounded like this: “live for love!”. He will be happy for hours to languish in your lap, talk about his business and purr like a motor. The Burmese is known for caring not only for himself, but also for you and his feline and canine friends. Loving people, loyal and caring cat!


Sphinx, which has no hair due to genetic mutation, is ideal for families with children and other pets. These cats love to hang out with dogs!

Sphinx cat type

They are extremely attractive, known for their stupid antics and can be completely awkward in their attempts to be the center of attention. Sphinxes are energetic and mischievous, love to show off to their beloved hosts.

They live to please all family members. Sphinx will not behave wildly and insanely to entertain the owners, he would rather be always there, helping to do household chores or snuggling up to you, other pets and even guests to keep warm. We have to love everyone – as without heat!

You have read about people who love cat breeds. Of course, each kitten will have its own personal, special character and the Abyssinian may be alienated or restrained – a sphinx. This does not mean that cats do not correspond to the qualities of their breed, they just like to be just like that, and who can resist their individuality?

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