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Miniature Dachshunds – History | interesting | Facts |Appearance

Miniature Dachshunds - History interesting Facts Appearance


Miniature Dachshunds – History | interesting | Facts |Appearance

Let us take a look a the Miniature Dachshunds – History, Interesting Facts, Appearance – Most choosing a pet as the main criteria distinguish the size of an adult animal. Small dogs with an elongated muscular body seem to be ideal for keeping in apartments, small houses. Dachshunds are considered one of the most popular dogs in the world. Their cheerful character, activity attracts many, but these fun people have features that are worth knowing before settling an interesting “neighbor”.

Miniature Dachshunds - History

History Reference

Dachshunds belong to the oldest burrowing dogs. The exact date of the appearance of the breed has not yet been determined. Images of dachshunds were found on frescoes from Ancient Egypt. In its present form, the breed was formed in the 16th century on the lands of Germany. For the first time, the breed was mentioned as a “badger warrior” or “badger dog”. In the blood of dachshunds the blood of German hounds flows, for which short legs were a shortcoming.

In the case of normal dogs, this feature helped to freely penetrate badger holes. The ability to drive out rodents was in demand in many countries, so dachshunds have become a popular breed in Eurasia. Short-legged dogs have a strong hunting instinct, high intelligence, stamina and fearlessness. In addition to excellent hunting qualities, dogs of this breed do not require enormous maintenance costs, which made the breed accessible to people with different incomes.

Miniature Dachshunds - History, Interesting Facts

Dachshunds are considered courageous hunters who are able to fight with an enemy that is superior in strength, size to the last. Among the many positive qualities, undersized dogs have inherent traits that will not please future owners. We offer you to familiarize yourself with a selection of facts from the life of short-handed hunters and character traits that are best known in advance.

Miniature Dachshunds – Anger

Like most hunters, dachshunds differ in their ability to drive prey for a long time, giving the head a signal to the owner. This feature should be considered before acquiring a puppy of this breed. Dachshunds aggressively react to strangers, other animals, especially small size (they consider them their prey). In families where there are small children, representatives of this breed will compete with the child for the attention of the owner. When kept in the courtyard of a private house, the pet will not allow the owners to live peacefully with their bark at all those passing and passing. Dachshunds need tough training, dominance of the owner.

 Miniature Dachshunds - Anger

Miniature Dachshunds – Optimism and activity

Puppies and adult dogs are characterized by a cheerful disposition, high intelligence and activity. There is no time to get bored with these pets. If you do not lead an active lifestyle and daily repeated walks in an active rhythm you do not like, give up the idea of ​​taking a dachshund as a companion. Leaving a dog alone for a long time is a bad idea. A bored animal can gnaw through everything in the house, dig up all the land in the yard, trying to entertain itself on its own. Loneliness causes representatives of this breed stress, the consequence of which may be the development of diseases of the nervous system.

Miniature Dachshunds - Optimism and activity

Existence of several types of dachshunds

There is an opinion that dachshunds are short-haired pets with a long body and short legs, but this is not so. Dachshunds differ in color and coat length. Among them there are longhair, wire-haired and smooth-haired representatives. Color can vary from tan to black. In size, adults are also different. There is a standard view and dwarf.

Existence of several types of dachshunds

Lack of feeling full

Dachshunds have an excellent appetite, they do not refuse delicacies even after a heavy meal. These voracious dogs are not able to stop on their own. They absorb food before the onset of the gag reflex. If pets are not limited, obesity, heart muscle disease may develop. It is important to provide the dachshunds with nutritious nutrition with the optimal amount of calories. No less acute is the question of adequate physical exertion, without which dogs become lazy, prone to fullness. The desire of the owner to pamper the pet turns into food allergies. In order not to take risks, it is advisable to exclude sweets, flour products, smoked meats from the diet.

Dachshunds Body structure features

An elongated body is a feature of the breed. In order to avoid spinal deformity, you must not allow the pet to jump off the sofa on its own, stand on its hind legs, and take it by the scruff of the neck. Especially these restrictions apply to puppies.

Dachshunds Body structure features

Dachshunds – Whims

Dogs are wayward. Do not be surprised if in rainy, frosty weather, a four-legged pet refuses to go for a walk. Dachshunds do not like “calf tenderness”, the pet will refuse to sit in its arms for a long time. If the dog is restricted in freedom, she will try to free herself in any way.

 Dachshunds - Whims

Amazing facts from the life of dachshunds

During the Third Reich, the Nazis claimed that they were able to teach representatives of this breed to speak. The application has not been confirmed. Dogs of this breed at various times were recognized as long-livers among dogs, made the first mascot of the Olympic Games.

In the United Kingdom, a representative of the Dachshund breed won the cloning contest. Twelve-year-old Vinnie was cloned and the puppy, according to the owner, completely repeats the external characteristics and character of her ancestor.

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