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Miniature cat breeds: Picture| Names | Sizes | Features


Miniature cat breeds: Picture| Names | Sizes | Features

Among the huge variety of breeds of representatives of the cat family, there is a separate caste of miniature cats. Cats belonging to small breeds really differ from their relatives in small body weight, short stature or short paws. However, this does not prevent them from being loved by their masters. Let’s get acquainted with the representatives of the smallest cat breeds.


A rare breed in Russia, however, is gradually gaining popularity. Around the world, the number of kinkalows is estimated at several dozens. The body weight of babies does not exceed three kilograms. Animals are covered with thick long hair, which needs careful care. Pets have a muscular body. Despite the short legs, they are highly active, playful and friendly. The ears of these cats attract particular attention – they are bent outward. The appearance features are due to the crossing of American Curls with representatives of small breeds.


The ancestors of this breed lived in Singapore. In the seventies, the first Singaporean cats came to America, thanks to the participation of a married couple of American scientists. The weight of adult animals ranges from two and a half to three kilograms. Outwardly, with such dimensions, Singapore resemble a six-month-old kitten. Their body is proportionally developed, all shades of sand prevail in the color with a touch of light brown. Singaporean cats are calm, spiteless, everywhere follow the owner, the absence of which is difficult to tolerate.


These little cats on short legs will not leave anyone indifferent. Externally, representatives of the breed munchkin look like dachshunds. Their short legs do not prevent them from moving at high speed, jumping on horizontal surfaces located at a height. They are loving, love to play, calmly tolerate hygiene procedures. Munchkins do not grow above 18 centimeters, and their weight does not exceed three and a half kilograms.

Representatives of this breed do not require special care, it is enough to correctly compose a diet, comb out pets weekly. With age, problems with the spine may occur.


Cats without wool, with short paws were bred by American breeders when crossing munchkins with Canadian hairless sphinxes. Adults reach a weight of 2 to 4 kilograms. The absence of hair on the body requires special care.

Upon reaching the age of eight, animals may experience problems with the spine. Bambino does not allow liberties in relation to them. They are freedom-loving, willful and capricious. They often look for the warmest place in the room to hide there from others.


Fluffy miniature cats appeared as a result of crossing representatives of the Persian breed with Manchkina. From the first they inherited a luxurious long coat, and from the second they got a miniature size. These animals have not only an attractive appearance, but also an easygoing character.

They are affectionate, obedient and friendly. They can get along with other animals, love games with children. Do not mind taking a place in the hands of the owner, willingly give themselves a stroke. From the ancestors of the Persian breed, they inherited a predisposition to heart disease at an older age.


Fluffy curly little lumps that gently meow won the hearts of most people. Translated into Russian, the name of the breed sounds like “lamb”. Indeed, some similarities are present thanks to the luxurious coat. The maximum weight of cats belonging to this breed is four kilograms. They have a proportional body structure, a high level of intelligence.

These animals are able to remember the commands of a person, to feel a change in mood. Chic wool requires careful care, consisting in regular combing and washing with special shampoos. Their hair is often confused, so you need to constantly comb it. Lambkins have no health problems, except for disturbances in the digestive system and kidneys.


Cats belonging to this breed grow up to nineteen centimeters at the withers, the body weight of the animal is not more than four kilograms. It was possible to get an amazing fluffy breed of cats when crossing the breed of Laperma with Manchkina. Animals show high activity, friendliness and a high intellectual level of development.

Short legs with high physical exertion quickly get tired, but the seals do not suffer from this and quickly rush around the house. Boredom does not tolerate familiarity, refuse the opportunity to sit on their hands. They allow themselves to be stroked if they are in a good mood.

Long slightly curly hair requires a weekly combing. Resistant to diseases of the digestive and cardiac systems.

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