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Migration of red crabs to Christmas Island


Migration of red crabs to Christmas Island

Migration of red crabs to Christmas Island: cars are equipped with special shoes so as not to crush them – Every year, between October and December, on the small one Christmas Island what happens is probably the phenomenon that most characterizes this Australian land located in the Indian Ocean, south of Indonesia. We are talking about the incredible mass migration of red crabs (Gerarcoidea Natalis), endemic species and symbol of this wonderful place.

It’s about one of the most famous and wonderful natural phenomena that the nature of our planet can give us. Millions and millions of these large animals with a marked red color, based on the moon phases, travel from the hinterland to the beaches of the island, to mate and lay their eggs. A journey not without dangers, to facilitate which a man has come up with one as useful as ingenious solution.

The main problem that can put at risk the safety of these incredible crustaceans is the fact that they can be crushed by cars circulating on the island. Despite the awareness and respect that the inhabitants of Christmas Island have for their special “fellow citizens” with claws, the danger can present themselves at every corner.

Moving en masse and quickly, in fact, the crabs are somewhat unpredictable, and finding them in front while driving is far from impossible. For this, infrastructures have been created specifically to facilitate their movement, such as the characteristic bridges on local roads. To these useful pro-crab inventions, however, another has been added, designed to minimize the dangers.

Thanks to Chris Bray, photographer and owner of two accommodations on Christmas Island, local cars can be equipped with special “shoes” to be mounted in front of the tires. These accessories, positioned in front of the front and rear wheels, by means of special “blades” manage to push the crabs away from the carswithout obviously hurting them.

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