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Learn cat to contain the Coronavirus emergency

Learn from the cat


Learn cat to contain the Coronavirus emergency

Yes, you can learn from the cat to follow the directions that come to us from the institutions. Pussycat can be an example for adults and children.

What Micio teaches us (Photo IiStock)

In this moment of national health emergency follow each other directions from follow to try to fend is to contain the Coronavirus. Doctors, politicians and insiders keep repeating of to stay at home, wash your hands frequently, don’t get in touch with people is keep a distance of one meter. Cats are super prepared.

Here’s how to learn the good rules from the cat

cat washes legs
Wash your hands often (Photo iStock)

We have often heard that we should “steal” from the animal world many behavior is ways of doing. But who has one knows it, from the cat you can learn life lessons like the minimalism, the no to waste, the walk more and also that the our body speaks to us. That’s not all though! From the feline world, in this difficult period for Italy due to the Coronavirus emergency, we can learn how to behave and maybe explain it to children who may not be aware of the moment.

  1. To stay at home: cats really like to stay at home wandering, napping and playing. Even the VIPs asked, with their animals, not to go out with the hastag #iorestoacasa;
  2. wash your hands: the Micio is the perfect model to follow for cleaning. We often see him during the days busy licking himself everywhere. Wash your hands often with antibacterial soaps and especially when you return home or after touching objects that are not yours;
  3. contact with people: insiders have said and repeated to avoid handshakes, kisses and hugs and to keep a distance of at least one meter from other people just to avoid the transmission of the contagious virus. What about kitty? Well, the cat is a master in this. There are many cats who love only a limited amount of human affection.

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