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Is it advisable to share a bed with a dog?

Is it advisable to share a bed with a dog? - My animals

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Is it advisable to share a bed with a dog?

The decision to share a bed with a dog is as personal as it is controversial, since there are those who, to the supposed psychological benefits, add the possible health problems associated with this habit. Therefore, it is important to know the real risks and assess the suitability of such a night company.

When it comes to sharing a bed with a dog, the first thing to ask is the reason that led to that decision. Most psychologists and ethologists agree that the healthiest thing is that it is due to the wishes of the owner and not to the will of the animal. In fact, there are not a few cases in which sleeping with the pet began as a punctual event due to the cries of the puppy.

Several studies have shown that the main reasons why this type of habit is adopted are the warmth of the body, the relaxation and the security it generates. However, there are also certain associated disorders that can alter the quality of long-term rest.

Possible risks of sharing a bed with a dog

Although each person and each animal is different, there are a number of potential problems with sleeping with a pet:

  • Increase the chance of allergies. Although you are not directly allergic to dandruff released by the animal, this It can carry attached remains of pollen or herbs that increase immunological sensitivity. Also, very mild allergies to can hair can intensify and cause severe asthma episodes.
  • Sleep disturbance. Whether a dog is restless, or if it is still still emits snoring, it can alter the quality of rest. Bulldogs, large dog breeds or those who are overweight will be more likely to snore. The effects of sleep disruption are usually noticeable in the long term and can seriously harm health, which causes fatigue and lack of concentration.
  • Lack of hygiene. However clean a dog is always going to have some dust or debris as a result of its contact with the outside. As the washing frequency of pets is more spaced than that of humans, the accumulation of such contamination could end up being quite noticeable. However, in relation to parasites there is no reason to have any problem if the animal is dewormed and vaccinated properly.

When to avoid sleeping with an animal

Although sharing a bed with a dog is a fully personal choice, there are a number of cases in which such behavior should be avoided.

  • Sick people. Transplant recipients, cancer or HIV positive patients they have a weakened immune system and are more susceptible to possible infections of can.
  • Sick animals. Although a dog has the appropriate medication for the treatment of a pathology, it is important that direct contact be reduced. While it is true that the types of diseases and their severity can be very different, the bed should be as aseptic as possible.

Sharing a bed with a dog should never come up as a solution to frustrated learning.. As mentioned above, deciding to sleep with an animal must be a will of its own, not based on the animal’s wishes. Dogs, in general, will always want to spend as much time as possible with their owners, but setting certain limits is key to future common well-being.

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