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hydrotherapy For dog – Fundamental Exercise for Rehabilitation

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hydrotherapy For dog – Fundamental Exercise for Rehabilitation

The latest news to encourage dog’srehabilitation: hydrotherapy for the dog. What it consists of and what the benefits it can bring.

Hydrotherapy is the solution to many physical problems of Fido. (Photo Pixabay)

Hydrotherapy is having huge success among the techniques used in veterinary physiotherapy, since scientific studies have shown that body weight lightens in water allows you to perform physical activities, decreasing pain and limiting the work of the joints.

At the same time, promoting muscle work which in water, even with a little effort, is greater than what you would get out of water while doing the same exercises. In addition, the pressure exerted by the water during the movement performs a beneficial massage to the dog and produces a positive effect against edema or swelling.

Here it is hydrotherapy is recommended when there is a need to improve muscle mass, perhaps after a fracture, or in cases of osteoarthritis, tendinitis, ligament rupture and particularly in cases of hip dysplasia. It is also very useful to help obese animals and to train the cardio-circulatory system.

What is hydrotherapy for the dog?

puppy swimmer syndrome
Often after some surgery, dogs need a rehabilitation period . (Pixabay photo)

Often after some surgery, dogs need a rehabilitation period to return to regular body movements and in recent years veterinarians have recommended hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy for the dog consists in the use of water to perform physiotherapy for the animal. Its purpose is to relieve muscle pain and not only, it strengthens the muscular system.

The use of this technique is quite modern and is booming. How is hydrotherapy for dogs carried out? First of all, let’s start by saying that the dog is not alone, he wears a jacket and is accompanied by an expert. Furthermore hydrotherapy in the swimming pool allows different exercises, for example:

  • the search for objects: consists of the dog’s search for objects in water, this exercise allows the muscle strengthening and stabilization of the dog’s hip;
  • the treadmill: object known to us, this tape positioned in the water allows the strengthening of the joints;
  • contrasting bathrooms: this exercise is carried out in a tub with water at different temperatures, this is to improve the dog’s blood circulation;
  • Jacuzzi exercises: it is a relaxation area that serves to relax the animal, which receives a sort of massage with water bubbles and is always followed by the expert.

In recent years, seawater has also been widely used for hydrotherapy for dogs. Salt water can have important virtues, it can be used according to the conditions of each dog. Sea water should be dosed gradually, diluting it in fresh water so that the dog gets used to it.

Starting with a glass of sea water diluted in three more fresh water, it can be increased after a few days or weeks the amount of salt water and lower the amount of fresh water. Recent studies have shown that seawater brings greater benefits.

Hydrotherapy for dogs, what are the benefits?

Hydrotherapy for dogs becomes a very valid alternative for calming pain. (Pixabay photo)

hydrotherapy it is a method of cellular nutrition that can help prevent or treat gastrointestinal, skin, parvovirus, liver, kidney and dehydration conditions. Help strengthen the immune system, helps to renew the presence of minerals, gives vitality to the animal and keeps gums and teeth healthy and clean.

Hydrotherapy for dogs becomes a very good alternative to calm the pain caused by:

  • osteoarthritis and other joint diseases such as tendinitis or sprains;
  • helps the dog who has pain due to muscular effort, repetitive movements, excessive efforts, falls, etc .;
  • ailments such as: convulsions, paralysis in some areas of the body, lack of coordination, difficulty in performing certain movements, which prevent the dog’s nervous system from functioning normally and correctly.

Generally, many dogs love swimming, so all they can do is make your four-legged friend happy. Hydrotherapy helps improve the dog’s situation faster, strengthens its muscle structure and helps lose excess pounds for overweight dogs.

L‘Water is an ally for our pet that fortunately in being engaged in movement it also tends to forget fear.

Hydrotherapy can also be a useful activity for those hyperactive dogs, as it manages to give them a little relaxation, also improving the mood of our dog. hydrotherapy as we explained it is a very useful and positive tool but however, it must be supported by a veterinarian’s decision.

When is hydrotherapy not indicated?

Sick dog pampered Facebook
In dogs with serious pathologies, hydrotherapy is contraindicated

There are cases where hydrotherapy is not recommended, especially if dogs suffer from heart or respiratory diseases, open or infected wounds, fear of water, severe kidney, liver, skin conditions and certain types of cancer. In these situations, it is always the veterinarian who must evaluate the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

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