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How to wean a cat to tear up furniture and wallpapers: ways and causes


How to wean a cat to tear up furniture and wallpapers: ways and causes

How to wean a cat to tear up furniture and wallpapers: ways and causes – Often, cat owners complain that their pet is constantly tearing up furniture and wallpapers. And for many, this behavior of the ward becomes a real problem. And in some cases, this fact is an obstacle to acquire a furry friend. You can arbitrarily prove to others that this behavior is natural for Barsik and Murzik. However, this does not help to solve the existing problem. And everyone who came across it, in any case, tried to find ways to resolve it.

Ways to solve the problem

The situation with damaged wallpaper or furniture can be resolved in several ways:

  • The first way out of this situation is the medical removal of the claws of the animal. This service is provided by some veterinary clinics. This method is among the most radical. During the operation, not only the claws are removed, but also part of the animal’s fingers. In addition to the animals suffering from anesthesia, such an operation is also not recommended because the pet becomes practically disabled. The animal’s coordination of movements is disturbed; it can no longer surprise those around with a graceful gait, thanks to which these four-legged friends gained fame. At the same time, as a result of a violation of the posture provoked by surgery, pain in the spine appears in the animal.
  • Some of the owners manage to beat the animal and shout at it. Such an approach is unlikely to reflect positively on the physical and psychological state of the feline ward.
  • A humane alternative to surgical intervention is the purchase of a scratching post, which is a column or plank wrapped with a thick rope or a strong, rigid fabric bandage. So that the animal does not ignore the acquisition, it is best to make such a purchase when the pet is still quite small. The animal can be taught to use this device or drop a few drops of valerian on it. In the latter case, the cat is already not ottyanesh behind the ears of the device.

We also recommend to read:

  • One of the most fashionable ways to save wallpaper and furniture from cat’s claws is to buy silicone tips for them. They are some caps that are attached to the nail with a special glue. It will be necessary to change such caps once within several weeks. You can do all these manipulations in zoosalonakh for a fee.
  • There are also special sprays that need to be sprayed with furniture and wallpaper. The smell of aerosols repels animals. After this, the pet will not come close to the walls with wallpaper and new furniture. However, according to some experts, such sprays in practice are often useless.
  • The cat can be turned away from wallpaper and furniture by means of water, or rather a spray gun, which should be sprayed on the pet’s face every time it tries to spoil furniture or walls. Immediately after this, it is recommended to pick up a cat or a kitten and caress it to develop a conditioned reflex.
  • To diversify the leisure of your pet and thereby distract him from the hateful sharpening of claws, you can buy some toy for your pet.
  • One of the easiest ways to solve the problem is the banal cropping of regrown fingernails. But do not forget that you need to cut only the white tip of the nail.

In addition to the above, there is another way to cope with the problem, which can rightly be considered popular. Its essence is to donate to the fluffy four-legged friend some old rug, about which he could sharpen his claws. It will take several months and a lot of patience to switch the animal’s attention to a blanket or some other alternative and develop a new habit.

To solve the problem of preserving the integrity of wallpaper and furniture at home will help one of the above methods. Here everyone is free to decide which of them is the most optimal. A little perseverance and patience will help eliminate the problem that has already had time to grind the teeth and make both sides of the impending conflict happy.

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