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How to treat flea habitat?


How to treat flea habitat?

If you notice fleas on your dog or cat, that you feel like even with their usual flea treatment nothing helps, they still scratch, there is a good chance that you are really invaded by them. fleas. To get rid of it you have to go on the offensive by treating your home!

A flea lays up to 100 eggs per day when it is on the animal, so if your animal brings back one, it means that there will already be 100 eggs that will lodge in your home: in the floors, carpets , cushions, sofas, armchairs, blankets, curtains, baseboards, etc. Then these eggs evolve into larvae, which can wait for days and weeks, then finally transform into adult fleas which will again parasitize your animals and reproduce again . It’s an endless cycle.

First you have to treat your animals (all if you have several: dogs and cats), according to an effective protocol established by your treating veterinarian: tablets or pipettes or sprays.

Then, on the same day as this 1st treatment of your animals, you must also treat the house. There are two types of products for this which you will find on our website

  • of the sprays local action you need to spray yourself
  • of the self-diffusing bombs (general purpose fogger, diffusers)

The best is to couple the two and do everything the same day.


Self-diffusing bombs give a surface capacity (m²) in general so you have to calculate the surface to be treated and adapt according to the number of rooms and the shape of your home (doors and corridors interfering with the diffusion of the product ), it is sometimes better to plan several foggers of small surface and to place them in several places because one cannot move a fogger once started.

On the day of the attack, after treating all of your animals, wash everything that is washable and where the animals sleep (blankets, cushions, throws, foam, etc.) at 60 ° C, then vacuum everywhere, remove the bag and throw it away (if you have a vacuum cleaner without a bag, empty it then wash it). Then spray the spray on all the places where the animals put themselves: baskets, carpets, armchairs, sofas, etc … It is necessary to treat all the rooms of the house (including the garage).

After the spray, you must go to the diffusers: if you have an aquarium, remember to stop the filter and cover it tightly (plastic plus fabric) while the bomb will act, because it is toxic to fish. You have to close all the windows, open the cupboard doors, put the bomb high in the center of the room and start broadcasting. Take your pets out of the house, leave to act for at least three hours and then ventilate at least half an hour.

Return to the vacuum cleaner and discard the bag again. Be careful, do not use the same bag as before because live fleas inside could take advantage of it to come out and infest your home again.

Finally, you can finally treat the garden if you have one with phytosanitary products for watering intended to eradicate fleas and ticks.

After all these treatments, you should get rid of fleas, but above all continue to treat all your animals rigorously and very regularly, otherwise the chips will come back.


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