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Most Ideal Tips and Tricks on How To – Train, Play With and Teach Your Hamster

How to train and play with and teach Hamster – The premise in this field is mandatory, there are no hamster trainers, at least here in Italy, but they are extremely intelligent and curious animals that you can play with them and get great satisfaction with them; there is a password for all this, patience.

You will not have immediate results, you have to start a path, in this case I am not here to teach, I am nobody to do it, but in life I had with me five small rodents and with them I always managed to get results, for this I’ll tell you about the journey made with everyone.

If you want to try follow these steps and you will surely be able to play and let your little friends listen to you and who knows could you teach us in a few months How to Train a Hamster!

Start making yourself known to your hamster

How to train and play with  and teach Hamster

That’s right, the hamster is territorial, fearful and sometimes even aggressive, so to be able to train him, you need to lose a few days in order to have his confidence.

You will understand that now he trusts you when without fear he will rise on your hand if you put it inside his cage, for him it is like telling you, ok let’s do what you want so much I trust.

Whether taken as a child or adopted by others, the steps are always the same, we don’t know what he was taught before and above all we are the ones who have to take his trust. The best method is to conquer it with love, with our voice and some prizes.

One thing that many people underestimate is talking to them, they are excellent listeners and if you whisper them with kindness when they hear your voice they will always have a good memory and therefore a rock in less to overcome.

Try this route:

  1. The first two days let him settle into his cage but never let him miss your voice in the evening, don’t make it a disturbance when he sleeps, come closer and talk only if he’s awake
  2. Then move on to start with a lot of sweetness to enter with your hand when you give him some food, put your hand inside his house, calmly and gently, avoid making rash movements, take a small piece of his jelly and keep it in your hand, if it goes up, tell him gently: how good!

Continue like this for three days, then try to see if the baby goes up straight without needing to give food.

If now it rises without problems, it means that it recognizes in you a person to whom you can give the utmost confidence, otherwise you must not break down but continue with holy patience to make yourself known.

Every hamster has its own character, respect it

Another very important thing is to respect the nature of our pet.

We start from the assumption that there is no better hamster and a more nervous and short-tempered one, it is our behaviors that make it quiet or not.

If the child lives in a noisy environment during the day he will not be able to rest well and therefore he will never be peaceful and calm.

Since my son was born, Pipsy is more nervous, and in the last period that he is away from my parents because of a moving in progress he is recovering his calm, but poor thing to hear my child making his little screams does not make it very happy.

Even if he loves it because he approaches and while he sleeps he looks at them with great curiosity.

In order to respect his desire to rest, I always leave him in the area where we are not, during the day, then when the child and the rest of the crew sleep then I dedicate myself to him, food and games.

Then if you see that your little friend is not listening, he is nervous and does not want to collaborate, so be careful and check what things he can’t stand, what’s disturbing his peace of mind.

It could also be the case that your hamster does not really want to learn, they are rare but, like in the human kingdom, a little friend can happen who does not want to bind himself to his master and despite a whole series of greedy prizes he is absolutely not wanted to collaborate.

In this case there is not much to do, first of all not to blame yourself, it can happen, it is rare but it happens, learn to love your big head as it is, remember that for him you are the only opportunity to live worthily his life, while you can adopt many other little friends in your life!

How to hold your own hamster

Have you ever thought how great our little friends see us?

Try to imagine seeing a truck coming towards you, that’s the feeling they have when we approach the hand is more or less that.

So we have to do everything with light movements, taking care not to take shots that can frighten him, never close the hand in a fist and when he rises alone on the palm very delicately you can make some scratches that he loves!

When he has taken the right confidence and loving the cuddles surely as soon as he sees your hand he will go up without fear, that is the moment in which you will be able to have the maximum from him, the trust for him is very important and the moment he has reached it he will do all you teach him. Keeping it in the hand always open and without moving with quick shots is a rule that must always be respected.

Even if you have the maximum of his confidence he could still get scared in case of accidental fall or sudden movements.

1) The first exercise, make him stay “on his feet”

There is no simpler exercise, it is the basis for starting a game path together, or the “standing” command

Remember that, unlike the training of other four-legged friends like dogs, the controls to the hamster must always be taught but without overly large voices and also the exultation for his success must be correlated to his character.

Get a prize, possibly among those he loves the most, stand in front of your friend and put his prize between forefinger and thumb and make sure that he has to get up completely to get to the piece of food.

While getting up you say: Stand up!

The first time let him get to the prize and if you like it, then repeat this exercise with a prize in his hand and when he is on his feet do a scratch on his head and whisper: how good my … .. name hamster … ..

It seems trivial but it is very important to also say the name of the hamster to praise him or make him understand if he is wrong, he knows his name well, therefore he makes very effective eulogies and scoldings.

At that point it is important repeat several times, sometimes don’t give the prize and sometimes let him eat it.

After a few days you will see that the little one will get up even without anything just seeing your hand on your head and feeling the command Standing!

2) The “turn” command

One of the most enjoyable things will surely be to see the hamster who with a little leap will be able to take a 180 degree turn to turn around to look for your hand.

For the first few times it is always necessary to have our prize in hand.

Put it right behind the baby and while he turns around looking for the scent you have to say: …hamster name … Turn around!

It may happen that the first few times you look a little lost before you realize that the scent comes straight from its tail.

With time, and a lot of patience, just say turn around even without being behind food and the child will turn.

Even when you don’t want to give him food, you can always give him compliments and a light carezzina to make him understand that he has done a good thing.

Every so often, however, he tries to give a prize, we say that he never regrets a refreshed memory.

The command shot I use it for a discipline that is little used here in Italy but in England instead there are small shows, the Hampster dance, that is, they are a series of exercises that are made to the rhythm of music, giving the feeling that our little friends are dancing.

This is not an easy thing and it takes at least a year to teach well and study everything with the little friend.

If you have a small hamster you can also try, personally I just started trying but without too many pretensions, my Pipsy is a little old man who doesn’t really want to try all these exercises, even if he still makes me happy with some games.

3) Let our little hamster jump

Another very funny thing we can teach our hamster is to jump, if your little friend already knows how to stand we are one step away, enough while he is in position with his paws and upturned face raising a little the hand that is forced to jump, here you have to say at this moment: ….hamster name, jump! ….

Always repeating this command with a premiere for a few days will come to be another thing that the child knows by heart and our goal becomes easy to reach.

When you manage to memorize the first position I explained it becomes practically a road downhill, because your little friend understands that by following what you do to him he still has gratifications, either gastronomic or cuddly, so he does not disdain both and will pay as much attention as possible to interact with you.

4) The “no” to teach it is very important

More than a command, we are now talking about a method to prevent our hamster from doing something.

Like most animals a “no” said in a firm voice makes him desist from whatever he had in mind to do.

We can almost say that it is as if a drawer of their brain was already present where they know that this word is a warning not to continue something.

With a firm voice and a raised finger in front of them try, maybe while he wants to go where you don’t want to, from the first time you do it you will see the little one stop and watch wary what happens.

The moment he is still and desist from the possible trouble, then, in a sweet voice, tell her that he is good.

You do not need prizes in this case, but only that you learn to give a very authoritarian tone to the voice.

It seems almost innate in all the animals that the word “no” means stationary where you are and thinks back to what you wanted to do!

How many exercises can my little friend memorize?

The answer would be in proportion to the constancy and patience of his owner.

In other words, his memory has no limits, there are some circus performers who make small numbers complicated and they can easily memorize what they have to do.

Of course my advice is to don’t let it work too much, do not stress it, must have fun not feeling obliged.

Above all, do not load it with work during the day, you overwork and stress it too much.

Play with him and train him in the late afternoon or after dinner.

Put yourself with him in a place that gives him security, now I’ll pull the fatal wrath of people convinced that animals shouldn’t live in some places in the house, but I put a crossbar on the bed and Pipsy stays with us on the Latvian to play .

Naturally when you have to concentrate and learn, I make sure that the lights are dim and there are no noises that can annoy them.

So you can calmly and patiently teach everything you want to your little one without problems, watch it and if you find it is more stressed or weak then slow down and give it time to let you understand its rhythms, as in most of life the right is in the balance.

My hamster doesn’t learn anything, where am I wrong?

Not having the crystal ball at hand (I would use it for slightly more lucrative purposes) I can only tell you several errors that you make; take it a bit like the tables at the bottom of the appliance instructions, where you get angry because they say trivial things but maybe you can’t solve the situation.

  • If the hamster doesn’t listen to you if you do not have food in your hand it may mean that you have not memorized the command yet, give it time and continue a few more days.
  • If the hamster puts himself in defense position when you try to teach him something and he bites you then stop everything, in this case you have not yet established the right relationship of trust with the little one and therefore you have to start again from the moment cuddling and not overloading it, leaving only when it remains quiet in your hand and he lets himself be caressed without holding his ears back.
  • The hamster if I approach it bites and I can’t do activity with him, even in this case there is something that makes the little one nervous, try to understand if it’s a cage problem, or he doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Oh yes, you will also have to take into account the possibility of having a little friend who just doesn’t want to interact, not forcing him, because if you wanted a pet to be trained by force, you might have made a mistake in taking a hamster, or maybe you can have in my opinion a misconception of how we live with animals, we must always and in any case bring the utmost respect to the nature of our little friend.

Training and nutrition, a focus on diet

You will have noticed that when you have to try to get your little friend to memorize something, the recommended method is to entice them with premiums.

All the gentle training teams of most animal species recommend give prizes instead of creating situations of hardship, the little ones are happier to memorize if rewarded.

The negative side, however, is the risk of overloading our hamster too much, but even this has an easy solution if you follow very simple rules.

If you follow the diet with mixes and fresh vegetables on the days when you want to try doing some exercise with the meal, just feed the mix and use fresh fruit and vegetables as a reward.

Divide into small pieces the amount you want to give to your little friend and while stock lasts, have fun making it play and interact.

If instead you are giving the child only mixes (in this case I advise you to spend 2 minutes of your time to read the Complete guide to feeding, you can go there by clicking here.) take a few seeds and divide it, always without exceeding the daily dose of food so you can play and not make the baby too heavy.

I know you hoped to find something light to use as a premise, I’ll tell you a secret, but be careful in this case too, it should always be given sparingly, hamsters like corn flakers (these are the ideals for not weighing down your little rodent).

With these cereals you can take a petal and divide it into four, nibbling on them will appeal to the child very much and therefore he will be very happy with this prize.

Do not overdo it even with this food, at most three medium-sized petals, you will feel like crunching them with pleasure and you will not go to burden in the daily diet, these corn flakes you can give them even if they have already eaten their daily food ration.

Make games to stimulate reasoning

Here we can buy games that serve to stimulate his brain, for example we can find the snack box.

When you decide to give your little friend a prize, place it in front of this mini drawer with drawcords, hide the piece of delicacies in a single drawer and let him look for you, pull the cord right up to reach the goal.

This exercise stimulates our hamster’s brain very much and does very well indeed.

Even the maze for them is a great pastime that stimulates reasoning, you can buy this game (for example you find a nice model here) or with cardboard and a obsolete drawer you can do it, (naturally I will shortly be giving you a tutorial to do it together, check this page, you will find it here.) in both cases you have to place the little one inside, hide a prize towards the end and let it calmly, and with various attempts, come to take its reward.



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