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How to teach a puppy to bite his hands? Learn best practices!

to teach the puppy to bite


How to teach a puppy to bite his hands? Learn best practices!

Small puppies are very charming – no one can resist their innocent look! Toddlers love to play, get to know their surroundings and … bite everything that is within their mouth! Living with an inquisitive puppy who literally takes everything in his teeth can be really frustrating. Especially when the quadruped equipped with a number of small heels liked to bite human hands. Can you teach a puppy to bite his hands? Here are some ways you must try if you live with a little dog piranha!

Can you teach a puppy to bite?

Small dogs explore their surroundings in many ways – smell, sight, hearing … and teeth. Taking different things in the mouth is a completely natural dog behavior. This does not mean, however, that we should allow puppies to destroy household items and treat our hands like a teether. Fortunately, there are several methods by which you will be able to control the destructive drive of your young pet.

to teach the puppy to bite
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Provide pooch access to teethers

If you want to teach your puppy to bite the wrong things, buy him a variety of toys on which he will be able to escape his destructive inclinations. Don’t limit yourself in the quantity or variety of dog chews. The dog walking around the house encounters many objects that should not hit his teeth. Shoes, books, TV remote control or flowers standing on the floor are frequent victims of pin-sharp mollusks. Make the quadruped around the apartment come across objects that are intended for him as often. If you notice that the pooch has chosen a teether from other domestic temptations, immediately praise him with great commitment – definitely more than when you run to save slippers from a small mouth! Show him that biting dog toys is something you really enjoy!

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Tempt him with an escaping jerk

Moving objects are extremely tempting for puppies. That is why they like to grab us by the legs, shoes and the robe belt that stretches across the ground. The best way to protect yourself from a small predator’s attack is to provide it with an equally attractive alternative. Made of material, a puller pulled across the ground can successfully become a victim for small dog teeth. It is worth carrying such a dog toy with you around the house – thanks to this, when moving from room to room, we can always offer it to a puppy and thus protect our legs and slippers from biting. This solution is also ideal if there are small children in the house who are afraid of nibbling at the pooch.

to teach the puppy to bite
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Redirect his attention

With a puppy shot on biting, even stroking him can be very difficult – any hand movement can provoke him to sink his teeth into our skin. To teach your puppy to bite his hands, it’s best to direct his attention to the right toy in every situation. For real dog piranhas, it’s a good idea to have a teether every time you get close to your quadruped. Thanks to this, we will have the opportunity to reward him for appropriate behavior.

What not to do to teach a puppy to bite?

Some frustrated guardians of nibbling puppies resort to inappropriate, harmful methods. Some of them are: turning the pooch on his back and holding it in this position, clenching his mouth or stuffing his fingers in his throat. Building bad associations with our hands in a dog can result in many serious problems later in life with the dog! Also shouting at the dog or loud squeaking during the bite often has a different effect than we expect. Shot with such noises, a puppy can bite even harder – just like during a violent ripping of hands from its mouth.

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