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How to take care of a hyperactive dog when we are at home?

take care of a hyperactive dog


How to take care of a hyperactive dog when we are at home?

Overactive pooches can get tired of us! The constant need for attention, fun, problems with concentration and quietness are not burdensome only for caregivers. It also tires the quadruped himself, who is constantly excited and unable to rest. How to take care of a hyperactive dog to calm him down a bit?

What to take an hyperactive dog?

Consuming huge amounts of energy in an active pet can be extremely difficult. By throwing the dog a ball to “run” or taking him crazy on the dog run, we often stimulate the four-legged dog, rather than actually torment him. Such activities prevent the dog from falling asleep from fatigue after returning home. What then to do to calm the always excited pet? How to take care of a hyperactive dog to help him calm down at home?

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Make him think!

Simple exercises, such as elements of self-control, staying on the bed or learning how to use the kennel cage are a way to redirect the dog’s energy from physical to mental activity. Grinding the already learned tricks for small treats will also force your dog to think and listen carefully. Remember – choose only those commands that will not provoke the dog to jump, bark or run. Choose your rewards so that they don’t get your pet’s excitement any more.

Let him strain his nose!

Sniffing and analyzing the smells collected from the surroundings tires the dog more than intensive running. You can easily take advantage of this by hiding small pieces of exceptionally aromatic flavors at home or train smell detection at home. Also, the olfactory mat will be a good idea for hyperactive dogs, which should cool down a little.

Mute him with a special treat!

Chewing and licking are extremely calming activities. To effectively ground the ever-running pooch, offer him a konga filled with aromatic, wet food. A high quality can with a high meat content is a very attractive snack. If every day you feed your pet only with wet food, try to look for a new taste to make the dog’s food more attractive. You can also freeze the Kong filled with dog’s pate – thanks to this, the snack will take the quadruped for longer.

take care of a hyperactive dog
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A hyperactive dog – what else can you do to help him?

Excessive activity does not have to be a feature of the dog’s character. Constant excitement and a lack of silencing skills can also be the fault of various diseases that are invisible at first glance. A hyperactive pooch can also suffer from excess stress in everyday life and thus deal with too difficult situations. If your pet cannot be calmed down at home by these simple methods, it is worth examining him thoroughly and organizing his holiday from stress.

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