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How to stop my cat from bullying my other cat – why and what to do about it

cats don't get along


How to stop my cat from bullying my other cat – why and what to do about it

How to stop my cat from bullying my other cat – why and what to do about it – For those who own multiple cats, it is easy to note that felines sometimes don’t get along. Let’s see together why cats fight each other and what to do about it.

Cats don’t get along: why and what to do about it (iStock photo)

You have adopted two or more cats and you have observed that they don’t get along well? The reasons for their fights can be many and to solve the problem it is appropriate to know what the cause of them is quarrel.

We will explain the various ones in this article causes of cat fights and above all we will offer you solutions to help you bring peace to your beloved home.

Cats don’t get along: the various causes

cats don't get along
Cats don’t get along (iStock photo)

It is important to know that not all fights between cats they are real quarrels, but as happens especially with kittens they are simple games between them.

Until you hear the complaints of one of the gods felines, you don’t have to worry, even if you notice that the fighting becomes more intensive. But sometimes it can happen that fight really, let’s see what the reasons may be and what to do about it.

Knowledge between cats

If you have adopted a new cat and you notice that it fights with what is already present in your house and they fight each other, rest assured there is no need to worry as they are still in the knowledge phase and their struggle is for them only determination the alpha cat of the House.

A new entry can upset the family hierarchy, so there is a need for a slow introduction of the new cat. Here are some tips that can be used for a correct introduction.

Technique for introducing a new kitten

(Pixabay photo)

First of all this technique could be followed either when one of the cats is aggressive or when they are both. Here are the various steps:

  • Separate i cats who fight
  • Give the new cat a room all to himself, including bowls, toys and litter box, everything he needs. Keep it away from others felines, so as to calm the waters.
  • For the first seven days, the only contact between cats must be made through the door, beating both legs against the latter.
  • During this week, put a clean towel in both rooms where i are present cats. After the cats have rested and left their scent on the towels, exchange them, so that each cat get used to the scent of the other. Do this exchange at least 1-2 times a day.
  • In these first seven days it is advisable, when possible, to have the children explore cats the room of the new cat arrived.
  • After the first week, for two or three days, place the cats in their individual carriers and place them facing each other one meter away, so that they get used to seeing each other. Don’t worry if you notice i cats growl. As they get used to approach the pet carriers.
  • At this point i cats they are ready to meet. Place the two carriers in the same room and bring out the cats always keeping them under control. Various reactions may occur, the cats may growl, hide or fight with each other. In the latter case, it is necessary to separate them by distracting them with toys and placing them back in the pet carrier, retrying the operation the next day.

Cats got along and now don’t?

kitten meows brothers
(Pixabay photo)

If yours cats until today they always got along and now suddenly fight, there is something wrong! Let’s see the various reasons.

Surgery or veterinary visit

Usually when a cat returns from a medical examination or from a surgery, it smells different than it does when it is at home. Since cats communicate and share the smell when they are together at home, a different scent could make them to argue.

You can avoid this by trying to bring both cats to the vet on the same day or even leaving the cat for half a day cat who was away from home, in a room separate from the other feline. The latter point is necessary even if the cat who returns to the vet is unable to defend himself.


Even it stress can be a cause for quarrel among cats, as the latter are animals that love the predictability of their home environment. Stress factors in cats can be:

  • A trip
  • A new pet
  • A new person in the house
  • Transfer to a new house
  • Return home from the trip

This situation is not foreseeable in the pussycat, you could avoid it by keeping their routine.


(Pixabay photo)

Instinctively i felines When I sick people they hide it, the moment they show symptoms it’s because the disease is serious. If one of your cats is sick it could become irritable and don’t get along with other cats.

Also if to be sick and the alpha cat, the other cats could fight to take his place. For this reason it is important to recognize when your cat is sick, observing food changes or litter habits.

Personality conflicts

Just like humans, cats also have different personalities and can never get along. Maybe you have a cat livelier than the other, perhaps because younger or two cats who don’t want to get along at all. At this point you need to be patient and follow these little tips:

  1. Offer different spaces to cats
  2. Give individual attention to cats and toys that can distract them
  3. In the event that the quarrels are extreme it is necessary to divide them at night and when you are away from home

Quarrel for the territory

cats don't get along
Quarrel for the territory (iStock photo)

When i cats they feel territorial towards the spaces they occupy, they can cause quarrels among them. To avoid this it is appropriate that all the cats in the house have a personal litter, eat in different rooms and have a different resting space. Also in this case if the quarrels are extreme it is necessary to divide the cats and make sure they are separated when they are alone in the house.

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