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How to speak dog language: 11 behaviors That helps to communicate

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How to speak dog language: 11 behaviors That helps to communicate

How to speak dog language: If you are a dog owner you have already wondered how your furry friend manages to communicate with you by expressing his love. You may even be able to mention countless examples of this affection.

Today, to corroborate this theory, we can rely on one sound scientific research which demonstrates very clearly that dogs have real and explicit emotions for humans. The study was conducted by neuropsychiatrist Gregory Berns with his team to understand something more clear about how dogs think.

Berns, by subjecting two dogs specially trained to study images of their brains to MRI (magnetic resonance tomography), found that they have a human-like brains, which imitate us, because they consider us their pack leaders, and they possess mirror neurons, the ones that allow empathy in men.

With this research by Berns, who ventured into this studio after the death of his beloved dog Newton, a pug, it can be said with certainty that dogs really love us. But what are the behaviors that make us understand this?

Let’s find out together the 11 behaviors with which your dog says “I love you”:

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