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How to save some visits to the vet?


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How to save some visits to the vet?

Having a pet means expenses that we must bear for the simple fact of having decided to have it. The monthly contributions that we must make are intended to keep our pet in an optimal state of health, both physical and mental. The expenses will be used for food, basic pet items, toys, toiletries and visits to the veterinarian.

Veterinary expenses are often one of the biggest concerns for tutors. However, as long as we keep our pet healthy through a good diet, lead an active life and make use of preventive medicine, the money we have to leave in veterinarians will be minimal.

Visits to the vet to vaccinate your pet

Prevention is the key to avoid many visits to the veterinarian. Each type of pet has a vaccination plan that, if followed properly, will prevent it from contracting certain diseases, many of them with a high mortality rate.

Depending on the animal species and its age, we will reduce visits to the veterinarian once or twice a year, just to receive your vaccinations. In addition, the veterinarian may take the opportunity to perform a general check and anticipate the development of certain pathologies.

Take care of your pet’s teeth

One of the most recurring techniques in veterinary clinics is dental cleaning with ultrasound. Cats, but especially dogs, come to consultations with advanced oral diseases, such as periodontal disease. Given this, the patient requires a cleaning that involves high costs, since it is performed under anesthesia, in addition to previous blood tests.

To avoid this, you must have a dental grooming routine with your pet:

  • Brush your teeth daily.
  • Use mouthwashes that can be diluted with drinking water.
  • Offer raw recreational bones at least once every two weeks; Its effectiveness is scientifically proven.
Brush teeth to the cat

In the event that your pet is a bird, you must monitor the state of its beak. Many pathologies show symptoms through this part of the body. In addition, the peaks need to wear out, so offer your pet toys and other specific objects to do so.

To reduce visits to the vet, sterilize your pet

It may seem that a sterilization is a very expensive surgery or that we think is not good for our pet. Nevertheless, Unless you are a professional breeder, keeping your pet unsterilized can be one of the worst decisions, especially if it is a female.

Non-sterilized animals are more likely to suffer from recurrent urinary infections, mammary tumors or in the reproductive organs and pyometers. They can also suffer psychological pregnancies.

All of the above, in addition to being able to end the life of your pet prematurely, will significantly increase visits to the veterinarian and, of course, expenses. For example, urinary infections involve urinalysis, ultrasound and medications. On the other hand, the only solution to a pyometra is an emergency surgery.

Choose the pet that best suits you

There are animal species that require more visits to the veterinarian than others. Certain races are more likely to suffer from certain pathologies, since they are genetically predisposed. For example, bulldogs tend to have more skin problems, German shepherds tend to suffer from hip dysplasia or Persian cats tend to have polycystic kidneys.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that any animal can get sick and, if it does, you should be there for it, as it is your responsibility. On the other hand, do not wait for the animal to get bad; Make at least one annual visit to the veterinarian.

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