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How to repair relationship with dog – mistakes to avoid

Be the dog's best friend


How to repair relationship with dog – mistakes to avoid

How to repair relationship with dog – mistakes to avoid – Being your dog’s best friend and returning his affection in the best way? Here is how to go about establishing and maintaining a friendship with Dog.

Being the dog’s best friend: what to do and what to avoid (Photo AdobeStock)

It is not enough simply to have them at home to establish a lifelong friendship relationship. Although it is a very sociable animal and you love our company, you have to win dog’s love, especially if he has just arrived home and we are novice as ‘masters’. If we are good company for him, we will never forget his needs and we will try to spend all the time we have with him, it will not be difficult for the dog to open his heart to us. Here’s what to do for be the dog’s best friend.

The dog and the man: a long love story

Dog and woman
Dog and woman (Pixabay Photo)

Given the almost symbiotic relationship that is created with your four-legged friend, it is not difficult to imagine that a dog undergoes a sort of process that makes it ‘anthropomorphic’. The man-dog relationship has very deep roots, which started with the ancestors of the two: the wolf and primitive man. From some fossil finds, it seems that the phenomenon of canine domestication began over 33 thousand years ago. It was a sort of ‘give and take’: the human would take care of the dog, taking care of its feeding and growing it within the community, while the dog would ‘return’ the favor with his guardian activity and with the his hunting skills.

Even today the relationship seems to have not changed and the dog continues to to give unconditional love: in return he only asks for affection and food. His daily routine is marked by specific activities, always the same ones, that dog loves to share with us. And what can we do to be the best friend he has ever had for him?

Does the dog ‘choose’ the owner?

Be the dog's best friend
Being the dog’s best friend: what to do to establish friendship with dog (Photo Pixabay)

In reality the answer to this question is to be found in the origins of the dog, and in particular in his ancestor, the wolf. Indeed, like this animal, the dog has always been used to living in packs, together with his fellows, facing problems together and working together to provide food for everyone. So in a way he’s used to having a reference guide, a pack leader. And as far as the human is concerned, he also needs to recognize in him a sort of guide, a pack leader. So even within the family circle, the dog can choose a master, the person who usually takes care of feeding them or the one with whom they establish a relationship of understanding and affinity (not surprisingly it often happens with children). Sometimes it is a sort of attraction that is triggered towards one family member rather than another: it is a natural predisposition. So here are the reasons that “push” a dog towards a human.

  • Natural predisposition: it’s about affinity, probably because you have characteristics similar to your own. If, on the other hand, it seems that the dog has a completely opposite attitude to that of the owner, it will be necessary to work to find a balance for a peaceful coexistence.
  • Past experiences: if the dog has been accustomed in his life to being domesticated by women, it is likely that he will always tie himself to a female figure in the house. This does not mean that establishing a relationship with other family members will be out of the question, but commitment will be needed.
  • More time available: it is no coincidence that dogs often choose small humans as playmates. This happens because in the hectic life of adults there is hardly enough space and time to spend with dog, which instead seems much simpler for children (Read here: Children: the games they can do with their dogs). In fact, it is no coincidence that dogs accompany the lives of young family members from their childhood to adulthood.

Being the dog’s best friend: all the secrets

Playing with the dog
Playing with the dog (AdobeStock photo)

In reality it is not that difficult to conquer the heart of our Dog: he will love us if he feels that this feeling is reciprocated and will be able to show us a deep loyalty if we need a ‘shoulder to cry on’. Here are the secrets to being the best friend for our dog.

  • Time together: as always we recommend before adopting a dog, we must evaluate the amount of time available to devote to its needs. To establish a deep relationship with Dog, it is important to have time to play, walk, exercise or simply stay at home together watching TV (Read here: Dogs watch TV: what they see, why and what programs they prefer). Let’s not forget that dogs love to play and doing it with us will be even more fun. It is not important what you do, but do it together.
  • Take care of your needs: from feeding to visits to the vet. The bond is stronger with the one who takes care of feeding and fills the bowl. We will become special people for him when we are close to him in difficult times, therefore health problems or simply to fill his loneliness. And although the dog is not inclined to go to the vet (Read here: The dog is afraid of the vet: here’s how to help him) we must make him feel our presence after vaccinations, a surgical operation and other things that dog does not particularly like.
  • Education but with respect: it is good to educate the dog but never use a harsh and, even worse, violent attitude towards him. Besides not being fair, this could only undermine the relationship with dog definitively. It is important to arm yourself with patience, understand the dog’s body language and do not rush it. We will not have to expect too much from him or that he will receive the messages quickly, but to learn to understand when it will be time to stop otherwise we could stress him.
  • Understanding body language: despite not having the power to express itself in words, the dog with his body sends us a series of signals that will be up to us to decipher. Over time it will become simpler but it is normal that at the beginning there are doubts and doubts about it. Especially if we notice that the dog is stressed or uncomfortable, we try to understand the reason for his malaise and avoid it as much as possible.
  • Taking care of your hygiene: as we take care of your health, it will also be important to pay attention to your personal hygiene. From the bath (Read here: The dog is afraid of the bathroom: how to wash dog who is afraid of water) to the brushing of the fur every evening, it is important to share these moments with your dog. if we are not practical, at the beginning we could observe the behavior of an expert groomer and maybe learn to copy their gestures.
  • Give him affection and love: Sometimes it’s simpler than it sounds. The dog needs to feel our physical presence, and above all that we are beside him to protect him. The dog must feel loved and pampered, but also protected.

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