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5 Unthinkable Ways – How to make friends with a cat?

5 Unthinkable Ways - How to make friends with a cat

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5 Unthinkable Ways – How to make friends with a cat?

How to make friends with your cat? Weird question? Is that at first glance! Cats – pets with character. Sometimes they don’t feel a soul in you, and sometimes they don’t even give themselves a stroke. They can love some family members and with enviable persistence ignore others. And they can give their heart … to a dog and carefully avoid the owner. What to do in such cases? How to make contact with your own cat?

When we plant a cat, we imagine how comfortable it will be to sleep on our knees and wake up in the morning with a gentle purr. But the reality is preparing another scenario: dust is literally blown away from a pet, but it grows unsociable and loves more than anything else to go where it will not reach. Why it happens?

funny evil gray striped cat on the table

Each cat is individual, each has its own character and temperament. Some pets are more affectionate, others less, and still others seem not to need a caress at all. You never know for sure what qualities your pet will have, but the pedigree characteristics will help reduce the likelihood of disappointment. Study them carefully before settling on a particular breed.

If the cat categorically avoids the owners, is afraid of them and shows aggression, most likely, she is injured and she will need a lot of time for adaptation. In such cases, you can not do without the help of a zoopsychologist, who will help to find the approach to the poor thing and correct her behavior.

When the “cold” behavior of the pet is caused by the nature of the character, not the psychological trauma, you can safely but gently proceed to the assault! Our advice will help with this.

  • Respect her freedom!

The worst thing you can do with an unsociable pet is to physically affect him: to hold him on his hands, stroke him against his will, or use force to punish him. All this will lead to the fact that the cat will avoid you even harder.

If you see that the pet at the moment does not want to communicate with you, do not force it to this. He is at home, and he should be comfortable. Stress friendship is not an assistant. But calm, confident in their safety, the cat itself will soon begin to show curiosity and contact.

  • Recommend yourself!

We choose friends by sympathy, and cats do the same.

The home hunter will want to make friends with a fair, patient and caring owner, who even in the educational process along with the severity shows friendliness. Cats do not tolerate rising voices and physical punishments. Do not hope to become a friend of the pet, on which you are breaking.

Talk to your pet affectionately, call him to your place (even if he is not in a hurry to jump on your lap), invite him to play (fascinating toys for cats will help a lot with this). Do not be upset if at first your efforts will not bring a visible result. While you take care of the cat, it slowly but surely gets used to you. Patience and a little effort, remember?

  • Make the cat itself want to come to you

Our goal is not to impose affection on the cat, but to make it come for her. Not an easy task, but only at first glance!

First, you need to form in a cat pleasant associations from contact with you. There cannot do without an incentive, and the best incentive – delicacies, as food promotion is the strongest. Offer your favorite treats from the palm of your hand. Over time, when the cat starts to take a treat with it confidently, start gently stroking it.

woman is feeding cat, cat eats from hands of girl, happy and satisfied cat with owner

It happens that the pet is spoiled with delicacies and does not hurry to run after them to the owner. We make a knight’s move and get some special treat with a new taste for a cat. These should be special useful treats for cats, not food from the table! Chopsticks “Delicacy” and liquid cream-delicacies “Mnyams” have proven themselves well: these are new lines with bright rich flavors and good composition.

  • Do not force events

Haste is a bad tactic. Give the cat as much time as it needs. Be persistent, but not intrusive. Friendship built in a comfortable environment, step by step, the strongest!

  • Take care of your friendship

To disappoint and scare away a pet is very easy. If dogs, for example, are quick, cats resent the memory. Treat your pet carefully, learn to understand it and never let it be offended. He will appreciate it!

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