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How to make a move with a cat

How to make a move with a cat


How to make a move with a cat

A move is stressful for humans and can also be for their pets, especially cats that, despite their autonomy, need the security of their home. Here are some tips before making a move:

1. Before moving, if your cat is not used to traveling in its carrier, a few days before moving, place it in one of its preferred areas, open so that it can enter and exit.

moving cats tips

two. Update your cat’s microchip with the new address before the move. Doors are left open during a move, and it is very difficult to control everything. If in an oversight the cat goes out to explore the new site and gets lost, it will be easier to find him if he has updated his chip with the new address.

3. The sense of smell is super sharp in cats that also emit their own pheromone. That is why it is very important clean the new home of all odors very well, especially if the previous tenants had cats, to eliminate previous odors

Four. Choose a “safe” room at your destination before moving in and, as soon as you get to the new house, take the cat there, open the transporter, put your tray with dirt, your toys, your food and water in your usual feeders and close the door.

5. Try keep all the usual routine – meal time, time to be together, time to turn off the lights etc. The sooner you realize that even if you are in a different home, the routine is the same, before you relax

6. When you see that your cat is already more relaxed, start to open the door of his safe area to explore the rest of his new home. It is very important to have the windows, doors, terraces etc. closed.

7. Cats should stay in a new home for at least 3 weeks – This time allows them to learn that the new site is their home, mark the territory with its smell and settle. During these 3 weeks, If the new home has a garden, spreading used sand from the sandbox around the garden limits alerts neighborhood cats that there is a new cat in the area, and it will also help that when your cat leaves the garden, there are familiar smells

8. The first times you let him out, do it at lunchtime. This will respond before when you shake the food package or give it to your feeder with a spoon

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