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How to know if a cat is cool in summer?

How to know if a cat is cool in summer? - My animals

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How to know if a cat is cool in summer?

Humans adapt to temperature changes through physiological and behavioral changes. In summer we sweat, we hydrate more and look for the coldest places; Felines do the same. To know if a cat is cool in summer you just have to observe what changes in its habits compared to other seasons and help him if you think it’s very hot.

How do cats regulate their temperature?

Cats do not perspire through the skin like us: Your sweat glands are located on the pads of your legs, so only ‘sweat’ through them.

They also stay fresh leaving their mouths open., just like dogs. Excessive gasps can be a sign of a lot of stress or that something is not working properly, so if you see your cat panting alarmingly, it is better to go to the vet.

With grooming Not only do they untangle their fur and remove dead hair, but they distribute saliva throughout their body, which slightly reduces body temperature.

Heat stroke in cats

In some regions of the world very high temperatures are reached in summer that can cause heat stroke in people and animals. The most vulnerable are kittens and sick or senior cats.

Hyperthermia or Heat stroke occurs when the physiological mechanisms of heat dissipation are not sufficient to maintain stable body temperature. Heat stroke can be very dangerous, and it can be fatal. To avoid them it is important to observe the previous signs:

  • Accelerated breathing or difficulty breathing. The mucous membranes may change color.
  • Increased heart rate
  • Muscle tremors or vomiting.
  • May appear reddish spots on the skin.
  • Weakness.

If you detect these symptoms, you have to move the animal away from the source of heat and, depending on the severity, you may need veterinary care. A frequent cause of heat stroke is animals locked in vehicles exposed to the sun.

Heat stroke in cats

How to know if a cat is cool in summer?

Normally, domestic cats do not usually have access to the outside, so we must make sure the cat stays cool at home. Some ways to help are: cool the house, offer moist food to hydrate more, brush daily to avoid accumulating dead hair that does not let your skin aerate, etc.

Stay in the shade or in a cool shelter

Cats like to hide and, if at home they have a cool shelter available where there is no sun, they will use this place as a summer break.

Home temperature is adequate

With the use of air conditioners or fans we can cool the interior of our houses and keep them at a temperature suitable for the summer season, not too low because sudden changes in temperature are also not recommended. If to open your house it is enough to open the windows, make sure they have enough protection to prevent falls.

The cat has water always available

In summer it is essential that people and animals are hydrated. Cats are more special for drinking water and they will always prefer moving water, circulate clean and fresh, which is why it is common to see a cat drink from the taps of the house. We can place bowls of fresh water, whenever we change it daily, or water fountains for cats.

Water fountain to keep cats cool

Avoid movement in the hottest hours

With high temperatures they are usually more inactive to avoid generating more heat. In addition, cats are nocturnal animals and their activity increases at dawn and dusk. Just at this time, in addition, it is when the temperature is usually lower during the summer.

How do cats stay cool in the heat?

Cats are kept fresh through the mouth and pads of their paws, but you can also help them with the following tips … Read more “

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