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How to keep your cat entertained – Most Simplest Was

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How to keep your cat entertained – Most Simplest Was

Games and pastimes to do at home with the cat without going out – The cat, although not an animal to take for a walk, can be bored if not very stimulated, so we find games and pastimes to do at home with the cat when it is not possible to go out.

While we laze the cat is bored. Let’s play! (Photo Pexels)

When it is not possible for us to leave the house, boredom tends to have overcome it, in us and in our animals. Maybe rather than doing something useful we tend to take it easy by staying on the sofa in front of the TV or reading a book. But the cat, despite not having the same need to go out as dogs, he tends to get bored if he is not stimulated by some game. We therefore find games and pastimes that we can do with him to keep us active both mentally and physically, perhaps taking advantage of the opportunity to strengthen our bond with the cat.

Cats are known to be very active animals, who spend their time hunting and exploring the open spaces, perhaps wandering around the garden and lazing around in the sun. But when it is not possible to get them out, as in this period due to the quarantine with the Coronavirus emergency, the cat could laze and sleep too much, getting bored. Let’s see how to keep it active.

Indoor games for the cat

cat boredom games
Let’s avoid making the cat bored. (Pixabay photo)

Physical activity

Learn from the cat
We stimulate the cat’s activity (Photo IiStock)

A pastime that the cat uses to vent his natural instinct, it is hunting and chasing its prey. Inside a house, however, the hunting territory is scarce and therefore we must intervene in this regard. Just a ball of tinfoil, or cardboard tubes of kitchen paper or toilet paper, which we can hide and have the cat search for.

But even chasing the cat can be a good way to keep active. Just use a thread with a pom pom attached or something similar that can attract the attention of the cat, and slide it on the floor so that the cat chases it and follows us. A great way to exercise with your cat, isn’t it?

Instigating the cat to play the fight could stimulate it, perhaps by placing a hand under the blanket where it is curled up to sleep, to move it and attract the attention of the cat who will surely catch the moving blanket.

Boxes and hiding places

Schrödinger's cat
Canned cat (Instagram screenshot)

Another activity much loved by the cat is to explore, we said, and what better way than that leave a box or paper bag lying around (maybe with a sort of bait inside, a ball for example) into which the cat can slip. Plastic bags are not recommended, because the cat could suffocate.

The cat will surely approach this new object, going inside and starting to play. Whether it’s a bag or a box, inside which there is a ball, a toy or a bell, the cat will be very happy and will have a lot of fun: one of the most simple games and pastimes to do at home with the cat.

And why not try hiding food around the house? As a good hunter, we can stimulate it using previously easily accessible places, complicating things as the cat improves in this game. For example, we can use simple croquettes, hidden in places that the cat can reach by climbing and exploring the house.

Other games with objects

cats can see the phone screen
Cats can be stimulated with objects (iStock photo)

If we have a scratching post, it will be perfect for the cat as it can climb as if it were outdoors. Also indispensable to let him vent the desire to get his nails on the furniture, using the scratching post as a target instead of the good table in the living room. This accessory would be ideal in those days when we cannot let the cat out, but also when it remains alone at home.

If we are very lazy we can also let the cat play without moving very much: a laser pointer will be enough. We know that cats can’t resist the temptation to chase lasers, also for a series of anatomical reasons. The cat’s instinctive hunter will make him jump and sprint on the floor to catch that luminous dot that moves very fast.

Another nice game not to help the cat is a simple stick with feathers. Shaking him in front of the cat will make him jump from one side to the other, run around the house chasing him, making him happy. We can take advantage of these games and pastimes to do at home with the cat also to prevent him from lazy too much and put on weight.

But be careful not to use toys that can injure him. In addition to those already mentioned, other suitable toys are: a tower or a tree for cats, scrapers, gods interactive puzzle games, games with dispensing prizes, a wheel for cats (yes, just like that of hamsters).

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