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How to keep cat off bed: Top 5 Effective Tips

Throw the cat out of bed


How to keep cat off bed: Top 5 Effective Tips

How to keep cat off bed: There are many things that a new cat’s parent must learn in order to survive: how to get the cat out of bed is one of them.

Throwing the cat out of bed: from the survival manual of the new gattaro (Photo Unsplash)

Cats sleep up to sixteen hours a day, but not in a row. They take a nap and wake up constantly, cyclically all day. Their sleep schedule is somewhat similar to that of a human baby, while most adult humans love to sleep all night, without interruption, without any disturbance (if sleep breaks it is a mess). So you can see the potential for a real conflict between resting habits and feline naps and those of their sleeping human companions. But any comparison is an opportunity to develop a win-win solution.

When cats sleep, they sometimes use your bed (or use you as a bed) because they want to be near you. This is captivating, but some people have trouble sleeping with a cat lying on his stomach.

So there are two issues we are going to deal with in this article: cats that wake up at night making noise and sleeping cats that take all your bed at night. This, in fact, is the definitive guide on how throw the cat out of bed and sleep happy (suitable for newborn cats).

How to keep cat off bed part one: your cat’s nocturnal adventures

Throw the cat out of bed
Throwing the cat out of bed: this animal is a bit annoying (Photo Unsplash)

Half of the people sleep so deeply that they don’t hear the kitten wandering around the house at three in the morning. Or maybe you have a calm and serene cat that makes you sleep all night in absolute peace (lucky you!). If, on the other hand, you are in the category of the most common owners of a cat, those who spend their nights in white because of their adorable fur balls, then read on. We will explain exactly what to do to succeed throw the cat out of bed and find your spaces like this, at least during the night.

Tips to help you and your cat get through the night

  • Try to establish a routine where you and your kitty engage in a stimulating game session with interactive toys just before going to bed every night. After the last victorious leap, reward your cat with a snack. If everything proceeds according to plan, the kitten will soon throw himself, after having been carefully washed and placed, in a blissful nap in the arms of Morpheus: you should thus conquer at least one whole REM sleep cycle.
  • An automatic cat feeder that stores food a few times during the early hours of the morning will likely attract your cat’s attention and help fill his belly in a newer way than grazing at his food bowl. It could also save you the need to get up at four in the morning to fill your plate with cat food. Distracting him with food is always the right solution.
  • Buy or build a comfortable perch and place it near your bed, or near a window. This can work quite well. Your kitten comes close to you and turns around you obsessively, but even if it is full night and the whole room is dark, he still manages to look at all things, since he has excellent visual ability. So he can go to sleep on his comfortable furniture. You may want to buy perches that have high edges, to make your kitten feel more comfortable. With this arrangement, you may occasionally hear the patter of small feet running over you, but most cat parents tend to sleep right in spite of that or incorporate it into their dreams.
  • Sleep machines that generate a relaxing and constant sound, such as rains, can block intermittent cat noises, such as scratches or the use of bedding. These devices do a decent job of filtering night noise which can cause a small feline in the mood to annoy and can be a great deal.
  • Put the toys around the house, in hiding places ranging from easy to moderately difficult, that your cat is forced to look for to find them (in this way he also has fun). The idea is that your kitten will find toys and will be happy to play with his discoveries. You probably don’t want to hide toys with bells or those that make a lot of noise as they roll on the floor and bounce off the walls. Add interest in toy hunting by using a constant rotation of props, such as cardboard boxes: place the toy in the box, slightly below it, above it or staggering on the edge. Use your imagination, so your kitten can use his. And your kitty might end up using the box as a bed for a while.

Yes, the toys will quickly be found under the sofa, behind the doors, in the closet and in various other strange places, such as shoes. This is a fact to consider: the cat is extremely messy and this feature is part of the species, just like the fur on the sofa. Providing adequate stimulation for our feline friends is part of the agreement and collecting some cat toys here and there is nothing compared to the fun your kitten can experience playing with it. Not to mention the sleep you will get. Isn’t a bit of disorder worth yours and your happiness?

A feline playmate?

Do you have a cat? Does he seem to be bored or crave your attention at night? Have you considered having two cats? There may be some different advantages in taking this path. Cat number one can play with his companion, look out the window, eat next to him and take a nap with cat number two, if these pets get along well with each other. This is an important decision, so do your homework ahead of time to make sure you’re ready for two cats and to make sure of adopt a cat compatible with yours. Some cats far prefer to be the only cat in the family, although even in those cases there are often other specific cats with which they get along quite easily.

Introduce new cats gradually and with ample supervision, applying positive praise to make the introduction process as smooth as possible and to help ensure years of friendship, or at least a peaceful coexistence, between the two cats.

Make sure you have enough “primary resources” around the house to minimize disputes in the area. These include perches, views from windows, hiding places, scratching posts, your time and your kind attention.

How to keep cat off bed, part two: make sure the cat sleeps … next to you

Throw the cat out of bed
Throw the cat out of bed: do some space from time to time (Photo Unsplash)

In case the first sentence you repeat most often in the morning is I woke up with a cat on my head, then continue reading this article.

Once again, although a good part of the people who own domestic felines delight in sleeping with a ball of fur or three huddled against it, which purr and are as cute as sugar bowls, not everyone appreciates or manages in some way to turn a blind eye in these difficult conditions (some people suffer from light sleep and therefore it is not a matter of little sensitivity). If cats occupy most of the bed, it will not be a nuisance for some, while others will experience it as a tragedy. If you are part of the second group, most likely you are running out of liters of coffee right now and we are not even at the end of the day (or the problem). Read on to understand how to find the solution and learn how to throw the cat out of bed.

Cat beds

Some cats prefer to sleep in bunks made especially for them, rather than in human beds with humans inside them. However, it is worth a try. Annie Bruce, who wrote the book “Cat Be Good” proposes a common approach to training your cat and briefly summarizes what are the preferences of cats: Different cats prefer different beds. Its volume contains many useful tips on how to select or model a bed for your cat and decide where to place it.

There is an almost infinite selection of cat beds to choose from. There are large beds, cots, square beds, round beds, heated beds, polyphilent beds, orthopedic beds, catnip treated beds, fake lamb wool beds, covered beds and (take note) fully machine washable beds. This bed is a great three in one option. There may be more types of beds for cats than for humans.

If your kitten loves her bed for cats, you will have to clean it frequently or it will not care. Cats, however meticulous, will prefer a human bed (like yours) with freshly washed sheets, to a cat bed but dirty.

Many kitten and tree houses with cat scratching posts also serve as beds, as well as meeting a variety of other needs. If you buy a cat tree, choose one with shelves large enough to allow your kitten to lie down. Or take a tree that has one or more low-walled perches. Cats like the intimacy of the closed perch, but appreciate the fact that they can look beyond the wall on their kingdom. Watch the wildlife outdoors and then doze off, throwing yourself in a deep nap on their favorite cat tree, near the window (while you also take a nap to catch up on the sleep you lost during the week): it’s a great way to your kitten to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Consider two or more cat beds (on loan, recovered from other objects or purchased). Cats, more than humans, often love to sleep in a variety of places, even during one night. In addition, your kitten’s favorite place to sleep can change with the seasons, perhaps in a cozy mezzanine upstairs in the cold of winter and on a cool surface downstairs on hot summer days.

How to divide the bed equally

Throw the cat out of bed
Throwing the cat out of bed: learning to share equally (Photo Unsplash)

Often what keeps humans awake is not that the kitten is on the bed, but that he has chosen an uncomfortable place. Many spouses complained that they had been confined to a small fragment of the bed all night, because their kitten and the “best half” occupied most of the main real estate. There is no formula for solving this, but you may be able to come up with an arrangement where your cat can have a common bed section, but that is at your feet. You may be able to gently lift it up there and give it some goodnight scratchers on the forehead to help him settle. Many families have developed a mutually pleasing system for “who should be where”: so if you like the concept of sharing a bed with your little kitty, but you can’t sleep when it’s lying anywhere, especially where you would like to be , you may want to try this policy.

Even unconventional places where the cat could fall asleep

Some cats like to sleep on something new (new for them, that is). Large sheets of tissue paper (such as those you get when you buy a T-shirt), a piece of flattened luggage, a seat cushion, a coat that has been in the closet for six months, even two block replacement cards for cardboard pieces fixed together. There is almost no limit to what cats can feel like sleeping on. Your kitten can decide to appropriate a certain object as a bed for a night or for the next few years, therefore be prepared to give up objects for the cause, if you leave them out and unattended. These will become your cat’s next bed.

Good morning starts in the morning

If your bedroom has to be a cat-free area because you can’t sleep with all the kitty antics that deliberately disturb you late at night or because of allergies, closing the door may not be enough. If your cat wants to come in, will scratch the door or carpet around it and it will meow, and it will be persistent. A children’s gate down the hallway away from your bedroom door will work best. In fact, you will need two baby gates, one on top of the other, since most cats can jump over one (they are more adept than Michael Jordan when they want). Make sure you have everything your cat might need and want all night in the part of the house he is confined to. In the morning, remove the doors so that your kitten can give you a big greeting and you can return it to him. You may also want to take a couple of throwing toys and keep them within walking distance: at any time your cat may be ready to play. Or he may feel hungry. Or both. He probably thinks: He kept me out of his part of the house all night, now he has to feed me and play with me; and there is logic in this. Either way, you will have slept well at night, so you should be ready for a morning workout.

How to keep cat off bed: our conclusions on the subject (showdown)

Throw the cat out of bed
Throwing the cat out of bed: the problem is that it doesn’t make us sleep (Photo Unsplash)

Wouldn’t it be nice if cats slept in eight-hour shifts every night like humans? Oh good. In every committed relationship there are compromises to be made and each party must try to make a sincere effort to welcome the other. In his ability to do this, your kitten will adapt to your schedule. When he hears you coming home, he gets up from his nap to meet you, right in front of the door.

When you watch TV after dinner, he will join you to be sociable, even if he cannot stay awake all the time. If your kitten is having so many problems to make things easier for you, the least you can do is meet him halfway.

We hope that this article has given you an initial series of ideas on how to make sure that everyone in the family gets the necessary rest, to stay beautiful but above all in health, so that when you are awake you will have much more energy and vigor to enjoy with your pet.

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