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How to help a puppy sleep through the night


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How to help a puppy sleep through the night

Helping a puppy sleep through the night may not be as difficult as you had imagined. In many ways, having a puppy at home is like having a human baby. They are cute and fun, although they also have occasional tantrums.

Like their human counterparts, dogs are more active during the day.. Even if they take frequent naps, they will go into deep and prolonged sleep at night.

What to expect on your puppy’s first night

Your puppy’s first night at home will probably happen in one of two ways:

  1. Your puppy will be totally exhausted by the excitement of the day and will go to sleep immediately, or
  2. Your puppy will have trouble installing. Moving to a new house with strangers is a stressful event, even if everything seems to be going great.

Before you take your puppy home, ask your breeder, host family or rescue organization for a toy, a towel or a small blanket. It smells like your puppy’s mother / siblings or their previous home to place in their dog cage at bedtime. These familiar aromas will help you relax and settle.

The younger your puppy is, the less likely it is that they can sleep through the night at first. Dogs do not like to dirty the areas where they sleep. For this reason, if your puppy needs to go to the bathroom during the night, he will start complaining and crying.

When you hear him cry, take him outside for a walk, then bring him inside and put him back in his box. Most puppies sleep through the night at 3 or 4 months of age, at which point they are ready for a dog bed.

Exercise, one of the best ways to help your puppy sleep through the night

Making your dog exercise intensely a few hours before bedtime is an almost infallible way to help your puppy sleep through the night. However, you should know that if you do it immediately before bedtime, your puppy will still be very excited and will have trouble falling asleep.

Puppy sleeps with stuffed toy

Collect the water!

If your dog drinks a lot of water, leave some water in the bowl, but not the full bowl. Leave only a little water in the bowl and place some ice cubes. That way, your dog can get distracted by biting the cubes and the ice will give him enough water to stay hydrated without filling his bladder.

He is hungry?

You know how uncomfortable it is to go to sleep on an empty stomach. You lie down to sleep but you cannot fall asleep, and soon after you are looking at the refrigerator at 2 am with your puppy at your side.

In the same way, an empty belly can also keep your dog awake. Evaluate your puppy’s meal schedule, you may not be feeding your pet enough, or too early. Pay attention to whether your puppy sleeps better with something in his stomach.

Leave a radio on to help your puppy sleep through the night

There are dogs that just can’t stand too much silence. Silence increases your anxiety. Leave the radio on low volume, preferably on a talk show or weather channel, instead of music. The sound of the voices can comfort and help your puppy sleep through the night.

Should I leave my puppy in bed with me?

If your puppy is already trained to be at home and you enjoy his hugs, then of course he is. If this is not the case, it is time to establish basic rules. You must train your puppy so he can spend calm time. If a puppy understands that this is a safe place, he can sleep comfortably all night.

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