Top 5 Tips: How to help a dog adopted from a shelter to trust again

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How to help a dog adopted from a shelter to trust again: If you have chosen to welcome a 4-legged dog in difficulty, you may find it scared and distrustful: how to reassure a dog adopted from a shelter.

Dog adopted from a shelter or kennel: tips to reassure him

dog adopted shelter
Dog adopted in a shelter or kennel: useful tips (Adobe Stock Photo)

Welcoming a dog rescued from a shelter or a kennel into the house is a noble gesture and of great love: however, it is possible that at least at the beginning there will be some difficulties to overcome because the dogs that come from the shelters could be frightened and have problems with trust the new human family.

Saving a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life : a dog adopted from a shelter can give immense and unconditional love, and as a human parent of a dog in difficulty you will surely be ready to face any challenge to see him happy.

Obviously it is difficult to fully know the past of a dog rescued from a shelter or kennel , so sometimes we find ourselves faced with some problems in interfacing with the newcomer who is shy and frightened, reluctant to physical contact, with difficulty in adapting to the new environment that hosts it.

After all, many of the dogs found in shelters come from difficult histories of neglect and mistreatment and it is perfectly natural that they initially have difficulty in “letting go” : with the right amount of patience, with love and with the right advice you can break through. in his heart sooner than you can imagine.

How to help a dog adopted from a shelter to trust again

dog kennel family
Dog with family in kennel (Adobe Stock Photo)

Any veterinarian or experienced dog educator will agree that the most important thing to get a shy and frightened dog out of the shell is patience : the more perseverance and time you dedicate to your puppy, the more gentle and patient you will be, the more you will easily manage to build trust between you.

A dog adopted from a shelter or coming from a difficult situation could be frightened by several different things : other dogs, people, loud sounds or just from going out into the fresh air. On the other hand, these are animals that have probably lived in small enclosures and it is not easy for them to adapt to changes.

In any case, whatever the fear of your four-legged friend, slowly expose him to it in such a way as to allow him to be gradually more confident and overcome the fear with the most suitable times for him, without ever forcing him or forcing him : i dogs have very clear body language and know how to make you understand if they want to do something or not!

How to build a bond with a shy dog

dog and man
Saving a dog from the kennel (Photo AdobeStock)

If in the first times you take him home from the kennel your puppy appears constantly shy towards you it is perfectly normal: even in this case, with love and perseverance, you will be able to patiently approach him gradually in order to finally be able to tighten the bond. dog / man you want.

Especially if you are dealing with a dog that has been abandoned several times , it will take time to create a bond and you will have to work with some precautions: Fido will need to understand that this time is different and that you will never leave him, that become attached to you is sure and that it is really worth it this time.

When you bring home a dog adopted from a shelter or a kennel there are some steps to follow to allow it to adapt to the new home and the new family: let’s deepen them one by one.

1. Give it a lot of space

The bond with a dog saved from a difficult situation should never be forced: even if you would like to fill him with cuddles and attention, try to hold back and give him all the time and space he needs to trust. Let the dog make you understand when he is ready , because even if your intentions are noble he does not know it and is only afraid of finding yet another disappointment.

2. Let him approach you

At the beginning it is better to let the dog decide to get close to you: do not force him to stay in your arms, to be caressed, to play with you. He needs time and that’s exactly what you need to give him.

3. Beware of caresses

If you are still building a bond with your newly adopted dog try to avoid petting him in some sensitive areas such as the ears, tail, paws or head. Also avoid hugging the dog: he could interpret this gesture as a constriction and a “tackle” and would feel trapped.

4. Bring him small gifts

Try bringing your dog his toys or sweet little treats and leave them on the ground: if the dog is scared, moving too fast or approaching with a small gift by handing it directly from the hands could cause further anxiety. To get him used to you and associate your presence with positive experiences, bring him these little gifts by leaving them on the ground in his vicinity: have patience and do it every day, slowly trying to get closer and closer and to sit next to him while he enjoys the his surprise: in this way he will learn to relax when you are near him.

5. Increase your confidence

A confident dog is able to abandon any anxious behavior because he knows how to better control his emotions : to make a dog adopted from a shelter more self-confident and comfortable, interact with him by playing together or teaching him basic commands. Everything must always be done respecting his times, with love and patience.

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