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How to have a well-educated dog?



How to have a well-educated dog?

Dog education is very important to have a balanced and happy dog ​​with whom we can live peacefully at home. Good communication between owner and pet is essential to get a well behaved dog.

Communication with the dog

To educate a dog we have to communicate with him, understand his behavior and make us understand so he can understand us. Unlike wolves, after thousands of years of living with humans, dogs can read our expressions, which is essential to establish a link with the animal.

Watch your pet, recognizes your moods, when you are receptive to learn, if you like something to get your attention, what situations scare you, etc.

The socialization period

The socialization period it is the stage in which the puppy is more receptive to learn, recognize and interact with their surroundings. It occurs from 3 to 12 first weeks of life approximately; In this period there is a maturation of the nervous system through new neurological connections in the brain.

For this reason, it is very important that in this period you are exposed to the greatest number of possible stimuli (all kinds of people, sounds, other dogs …) to avoid future phobias in your adult life.

Bite control in a well behaved dog

During the first three months of life the dog has to learn to control the bite. In the litter it is the mother and the rest of the puppies who teach how to control the bite through play; We can imitate it.

If we are playing with our dog, and it starts to bite our hands, we can stop playing, say ‘no’ quietly, without further exciting the dog andtry to redirect the bite to objects such as teethers or their own toys. It is important that we dedicate some time to the control of the bite of puppies to avoid bites in their adult stage, when the bite can cause considerable damage.

Where a well-behaved dog should do his needs

The dog must learn to make his needs in the right place, for which, probably, we will need short and very frequent puppy walks until he relates the street with doing his needs.

It is best to take advantage of the moments after the game, food or sleep, since it is when the dog may have more desire to urinate or defecate. Every time you do something on the street, we must reward you to associate both situations.

Walks with your dog

Positive reinforcement

The best method to have a well educated dog is positive reinforcement.. Every time the animal does an action that we want it to do, we must reward it, whether with food, petting, toys …

Through punishments and screams we will only get the dog to be afraid and associate bad experiences with any everyday situation such as bathing, brushing, relationship with other dogs, etc.

In addition, it is useless to fight a dog long after doing something wrong. He will not associate punishment with action and will try to change our mood by means of signs of calm.

Education or training?

Education and dog training are two different aspects. Many times what we believe in a training problem, such as the dog biting others, is not a training problem but an education problem.

Training consists of teaching certain skills in a dog. For example, the orders of still, come, feel, give me the leg … is fundamentally obedience.

Nevertheless, education includes all those practices that teach a dog to cope normally with all kinds of everyday situations: the walk, the relationship with other people, the time of the meal, the visits to the veterinarian …

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