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How to facilitate weight loss for your pet?


How to facilitate weight loss for your pet?

Getting your pet to lose weight is never easy. It often takes several months to reach your ideal weight. It is important to monitor several things if your dog or cat is on a diet such as diet or physical activity. There are also very useful things that we don't necessarily think about: carrying out a health check-up at the vet, taking a dietary supplement that helps control weight, enriching the environment, etc.

Is your dog or cat overweight and have you decided to make him lose weight? To make weight loss as easy as possible, here are several tips:

Determine your ideal weight

It is above all necessary to know what is the ideal weight of your dog or cat for several reasons:

  • it’s the goal!
  • the quantities of food required are calculated for the ideal weight of the animal and not for its current weight

Your attending veterinarian is best able to determine the ideal weight for your animal, do not hesitate to ask him!

To note : we speak of obesity when the animal's weight is increased by more than 20% compared to its ideal weight.

Monitor your diet

The choice of food is essential: to make your pet lose weight, it is first necessary to choose a light food, “Light”, whose energy density is reduced.

The animal must be rationed, he must receive the amount of food necessary to reach his ideal weight.

If the weight loss is significant, the amount of kibble should be reduced gradually so that the animal does not go hungry.

Rationed animals often find it difficult to get enough. To improve their satiety, it is possible:

  • add zucchini cooked in water (without adding fat) to their ration
  • moisten the croquettes: add hot water to the ration and leave the croquettes puffy for a few minutes before giving them
  • Prepare meals for your animals with fresh products: household rations
  • propose a mixed diet combining croquettes and mash: this is called bi-nutrition. Do not hesitate to read our fact sheet on bi-nutrition for more details.

A diet diet is sometimes prescribed by the veterinarian as part of a diet. Do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian for advice on feeding your pet.

Stimulate physical activity

As with humans, it is advisable to increase the physical expenses of dieting animals.

For dogs, there is a wide choice of possible activities: walks, canicross, cani-mountain biking, swimming, games with the owners, etc.

For cats with outside access, activity level is rarely a problem, as cats typically spend a lot of time hunting. This is more problematic for cats living in apartments, without access to the outside. It is therefore very important toenrich the environment of animals to stimulate their activity: cat trees, toys stimulating the activity of hunting games with owners, giving kibbles in a toy distributor, etc.

Our tip: Equip your dog or cat with an activity sensor to monitor his physical expenses!

Consult a veterinarian

Certain pathologies make it difficult to lose weight in an animal, such as diabetes mellitus for example. Medicines also promote weight gain such as corticosteroids, progestins, etc.

A consultation with a veterinarian is recommended and provides an update on the animal's health and the treatments in place. Your veterinarian is a real partner for the health of your pet, he can help you lose weight to your dog or cat.

Give him a dietary supplement to help with weight loss

There is a dietary supplement to aid in weight loss specially designed for dogs and cats: Sum Fit by Sum Lab Vet.

This supplement is made up of natural ingredients: it helps overweight dogs and cats lose weight by regulating the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates and it improves their satiety.

Management of anxiety

Anxiety can lead an animal to eat (and demand) constantly, so measures must be put in place to soothe stressed animals.

Several things can be tried: installation of soothing pheromone diffusers, anti-stress food supplements, environmental enrichment, games, etc.

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