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How to cool a rabbit in summer?

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How to cool a rabbit in summer?

Summer is coming and with it the warmth, how good! but our poor rabbit is very hot and we don’t know what to do to relieve him. Rabbits are quite sensitive to high temperatures and can give them a heat stroke with fatal consequences. I leave some recommendations to keep you cool and happy this summer! ?

Cool summer rabbit

✓ Fill a bottle of water and freeze it:

We will put it inside your cage so that you can approach or snuggle up to it and stay cool

✓ Put ice cubes in the water:

If it is very hot, an ice cube or two will cool your water and keep it from getting hot

✓ Give fresh lettuce:

Also endives and fresh fruits, that will hydrate you and your heat will decrease

✓ Spray them with water:

With a sprayer (especially on legs and ears) but from a long distance, without getting wet. That will refresh them a lot

✓ Find them the coolest place in the house to put their cage:

But where there is no current from the air, that it is not in the sun but not in total darkness, although it is good that they have a cave for rabbits inside their house where there is no lighting

✓ Fan, but not straight to him:

If we have a ceiling fan that would be great (at minimum speed) or a normal one but that turns in every way, that the air is removed and refreshed

✓ Do not put things too cold:

Rather fresh, for example from the refrigerator, but if our refrigerator is very cold, leave a couple of minutes outside before feeding it

✿ Remember:

-Keep the floor clean (recommended to scrub it with water with bleach or with a disinfectant product) and keep your cage very clean especially in hot weather, since bacteria reproduce more quickly and our pet could catch some infection.

✆ Call the vet:

-If you still do these things, you will see that your rabbit does not have a good mood, he is decayed or not wanting to eat and you think it is due to heat or something else, do not hesitate to contact an expert or approach to examine it.

Good luck with the rabbits !!!

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