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How to cool a cat in hot weather?

refrescar gato calor

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How to cool a cat in hot weather?

Cool a cat when there are very high temperaturesThe cats in summer -or when the high temperature squeezes- they are good candidates for heat stroke Or have a really bad time. If we are in a heat wave (and we are suffering ourselves) they, who cannot sweat like us and with all that fur, have a much worse time.

These are good ones. tips to keep in mind to pay more attention in these moments of extreme heat.

Cool your home as much as you can

Either opening windows (eye, having protection for cats like a net, a misfortune won’t happen) like putting fans or air conditioning If necessary, your cat will thank you. Especially if you live on a top floor or attic. Ventilate the house well and at a time when the sun is very high or hits your home, low awnings, run curtains, low blindsand even scrub the floor of the house every day (if only with water) will refresh your home.

Give your cat more water than usual

AND incite him to drink. Many cats forget to drink water or do not like where they have the water bowl. A good option is put it at least in summer or when it is hot two containers with water in two different parts of the house. It is very important to change your water every day, never place it in the sun, and if you can, pour some ice cubes or mix it with water from the fridge. Your water will stay fresh for longer and you will be encouraged to drink more. If you can afford it, you can buy a drinking fountain.

cool heat cat

You can make special ice cream

Ice cream for humans is not suitable for them. A simple and safe ice cream for them is to freeze their wet food, take it out of the freezer for a few minutes and give it to them. We can put it in a bucket too and freeze it and go taking it out as we want in cubes. We can also make another ice cream with low-salt (or unsalted) or low-sodium chicken broth.

Pass a damp towel and wet your legs

You can pass a damp cloth or towel (without it dripping) by his head and body to refresh it Put your legs in a bowl of water to cool it. If you refuse or dislike it at all, do not force this.

cool cat summer

Change your bed for a cotton one or put a sheet or cloth

Many of us have pet beds that are soft and very warm, especially for cold weather. In summer or when it’s hot they will hate it. One option is have a little bed for when it’s hot (of cotton) or we can put a cotton cloth on your bed (same if there are hot carpets).

You can make a cardboard house

The cardboard is a great insulator of cold and heat. You can get a good cardboard box and make some openings, your cat will like to get inside. Remember that it is cardboard, it is not infallible, so do not put the box in the sun or anything like that because it will shrink.

Brush and comb your hair every day to remove dead hair

The more hair, the more heat. Combing it, you are not only cooling it, but you are also preventing more hairballs from forming in your stomach when you suck and wash, and prevent him from vomiting. You will see the amount of hair released and in addition, your house will remain cleaner and with less fluff.

You can make a natural bed with cat grass

Get a large and large pot or pot (preferable ceramic or clay) and not very deep, and plant grass seeds for cats. Once it has grown in a few days (when you have a good height, not before) you can put it on your cat. Many cats love to lie on the grass because it is cool And besides, they can eat this too if they want.

cool heat cat

DO NOT LEAVE your cat in the car in hot weather

Whether you open the window a little to breathe or not, With high temperatures you can die within minutes. Never do this, even if the vehicle is in the shade.


  • The shadow is the great ally. Your cat has to have shade to take refuge.
  • Watch for signs of heat stroke. Be aware. The most affected cats are elderly, obese cats and baby or small kittens.
  • At any sign of heat stroke, or if you see that your cat is not well, call or go to the vet sooner.

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