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Tips and Ideas – How to clean the hamster cage without using chemicals

Chemicals should be avoided for all places where animals live, especially when it comes to hamsters and children, which could without knowing how to ingest them and have serious consequences.

Fortunately, nature has given us so many alternatives, I want to help you find the right solution to all the cleaning needs you may have, without creating problems for the little friends who share the house with you.

I have personally tried all the product recipes that can serve you, so I can guarantee effectiveness even in the most desperate situations, the secret is to let the compounds work longer if there are unpleasant odors or incrustations that do not seem to want to go.

Here are my tips on How to clean the hamster’s cage without using chemicals.

clean the hamster cage without using chemicals

Small premise on where to put our Hamster while cleaning its house

Of course, if we only need to clean the drinker and bowls daily, the hamster can easily stay in the cage, but if you have to do a thorough cleaning, our little friend wouldn’t be happy to see all the fuss in his little house.

If you have a pet carrier that you use to take it to the vet or anyway for moving it could be a solution, or you can put it in the playground to make it fun and not think about the disruption of its spaces.

If you do not have your playground available then you have the opportunity to put your little friend in a transparent high-sided container for a few minutes.

(Take advantage of the Quote to advise you on reading the article that I wrote on do-it-yourself hamster playground that you can read by clicking here.)

If you leave some pieces of toilet paper on the bottom and a small premise, make everything less traumatic.

To get it out of the cage you can get it up on your hand, if you have reached the right degree of confidence, or get it into a game like a paper tunnel with a sunflower seed inside or a piece of cheese, the call of the tummy always works with our little one.

When you move it always do it gently, your soft friend gets really scared.

Eliminate unpleasant odors in a natural way

One of the main problems when cleaning a cage is precisely to eliminate possible bad smells, and this is why many people are tempted to entrust this task to chemicals that also have a pleasant smell after cleaning. What we have not considered is that there is a winning mix between the things that are in any pantry!

That is bicarbonate and lemon juice. For an effective action even on the bottom of hemp or any area of ​​the cage that you want to clean and deodorize proceed as follows:

Sprinkle the baking soda powder to cover all the surface to be cleaned

Take a sprayer (possibly take it again and not where there were chemical agents before, here you can find a great one to prepare the products of your little friend:) and pour 100 ml of lemon juice and 20 ml of warm water

Sprinkle the mixture directly on the baking soda, you will see that it forms a foam that “fries” lets it work for at least 3 minutes

With a microfibre cloth, which you will hold only for this operation (I have this kit and I keep one for cleaning up, two for polishing and the last for perfuming) go and remove all the mixture by rinsing the cloth in hot water, but without putting liquids to remove the pulp we created with bicarbonate and lemon.

We carefully dry, in the open air in the summer and in the winter near a heater, we know well that humidity is the enemy of our little friends, and you will immediately feel that instead of bad smells there is a fresh lemon scent who will also appreciate the hamster, and even if he licked the treated areas there would be no problem!

Clean and polish the toys, also removing the fingerprints from the Plexiglas

Another of the cleaning problems is how to make Plexiglas toys and cages shine, the solution is so easy that it will amaze you.

Our allies in this operation are: vinegar and microfibre cloth.

Let’s see the simple steps to get all the plastic parts completely shiny and we also tackle the problem of possible encrustations such as parts of food that our little friend has hidden that we didn’t notice.

  • We start by taking the cloth and passing it under the warm water, then we provide to wring it very well, it must be moist but not wet or it loses its absorbent property
  • Sprinkle on a part of the cloth a quantity of white wine vinegar equal to a soup spoon
  • With patience, use a good dose of elbow grease to clean all the plastic parts to be cleaned, then take a sheet of absorbent paper to dry and do not let halos form.

You’ll be amazed at how a simple product like vinegar is effective on halos and dirt, but if you find areas that are not cleaned you can ask for the help of baking soda, together they are a real force against any fouling.

Proceed as follows:

  • Drop a teaspoon of baking soda onto the dirt
  • Pour a tablespoon of vinegar over and let it act, you will notice that it will immediately foam a lot, it is the reaction that will make you come out victorious from this diatribe with the incrustations!
  • Pass a cloth to remove everything at the end and dry with absorbent paper to polish well and do not leave marks.

We’re talking about our friend’s cage, but I confess that I only use these products to clean the whole house, I don’t spend much and I don’t need chemical agents to have a house that always smells fresh thanks to the lemon and is always shiny due to the ‘White wine vinegar.

Polish and clean steel areas

If you are ready with semi-abrasive sponges or chemical creams know that this time what we need instead is to run to get in the drawers of the bathroom.

To polish and keep the bowls and other metal areas clean at all times, we use toothpaste, just so you will be amazed at how everything remains clean in a few seconds and yes, you will be tempted (do it !!!) to try also throughout the house, such as for the taps and door handles.

The process is really simple:

  • Take toothpaste and pour an equal quantity to cover the entire area to be cleaned;
  • After a minute that you left to act, take the microfibre cloth dry and rub it until the toothpaste is completely removed and leave space for a clean, shiny and perfumed surface.

Our little friend can also bite after the surfaces and there will be nothing to worry about.

Sanitizing games and wood areas

If you have a wooden cage and you want to clean it and polish it, even in this case you can take advantage of a completely natural remedy, this also applies to all games and houses, including those made by us with ice cream sticks.

Only two simple ingredients are needed: olive oil and white wine vinegar.

Proceed as follows:

  • Take a quarter of a glass of vinegar and half of oil, put them together in a bowl and add half a glass of warm water
  • Stir until the oil is as close to the rest as possible, take a microfibre cloth and soak it well, the wood must be as wet as you pass over the surfaces
  • Squeeze slightly in order not to drip anywhere and proceed to clean the wooded areas, rub where you see stains and if you want the result of polishing to be optimal proceed always in the direction of the natural veins.

Also, in this case, the recipe can be useful for all the wooded areas of the house.

How often should the hamster’s cage be cleaned?

Here is one of the speeches that are part of the subjective, that is, each of us has different habits. I give you my personal media, that of a mother who wants the house always fragrant even for her many Pelosini but is not fixed.

Every day at Pipsy I clean the drinkable and change the water, pass the bowls with a cloth before feeding it and that’s it.

Once a week I clean the games and change the sawdust of the bottom.

Every two weeks instead I dedicate myself to deep cleaning, I remove everything from the cage and I put in place the cleaning kit I just described above.

With this scheme I have never heard unpleasant odors even on the hottest days.

Of course they are only suggestions, then if someone wants to clean it thoroughly every day there are no contraindications, you would just make your little friend nervous all the time.

He has his habits and would like to feel comfortable in the day, not sure to see himself startled by cleaning, so make your calculation keeping this in mind.

Prepare the cleaning kit to always have everything ready at hand

And finally we prepare a box with everything we need for cleaning so every time it will be easy to have everything available.

Let’s take one of those cardboard boxes with lids, if we want we can also customize them with writing and drawings (sorry but the artistic vein that is in me takes over) and we put inside it:

  • A bottle of white wine vinegar
  • A bottle of lemon juice
  • A bottle of olive oil
  • A pack of baking soda
  • A tube of toothpaste (if you take a bicarbonate tube it will be even more effective for stains)
  • At least two microfibre cloths that should always be washed after each use and left to dry well before storing them.

This is the natural kit that I personally use to clean the whole house, also because beyond Pipsy they live with us: two dogs (Ringo and Trappola) a cat (Testazza) little fishes, a turtle (Ruga) and a topino dancer (Tore).

So in every corner, it could be dangerous to use chemical agents.

I am sure that trying to clean the cage with this kit you will find yourself wanting to try also for everything else and you will be completely enraptured by the world of natural cleaning! Good job.



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