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How to Clean Dog Poop off Shoes: The best methods (Suedes)

how to clean shoes from dog poop


How to Clean Dog Poop off Shoes: The best methods (Suedes)

How to clean dog poop off suede shoes (Quickly) – Have you stepped on the dog’s poop and don’t know how to clean your shoes? Don’t worry, here are some methods that can help you.

How to clean shoes from dog poop: the best methods (Adobe Stock Photo)

Although there are laws that require dog owners to collect the poop of your pet, when walking on the street it can always happen to find some and trample on it.

But how can they clean your shoes if you step on the poop? Below we will list various methods that will help you in cleaning shoes and eliminating bad smell.

How to clean shoes from dog poop

poop shoes
How to clean shoes from dog poop (Adobe Stock Photo)

Very often it happens that for any distraction, walking on the street you trample on the dog’s poop, cause of an uncivil master. The most difficult thing is to remove it, below we offer various methods for eliminate the excrement of credit from your shoes.

The first method, known by all, is to rub the shoe on a bush. After that, once you get home you can wet them soles of shoes with warm water and brush with a sponge full of soap.

Another method of eliminating them dog excrement from the soles of shoes, is to put the latter in the sun in such a way as to dry out the credit line. Then beat the soles of the shoes firmly against a surface and wet them with a strong jet of water and brush them.

How to get rid of dog poop smell from shoes

carp poop
How to eliminate dog poop smell from shoes (Adobe Stock Photo)

Once the fodder poop is eliminated from the shoes, trampled because of people who have not collected it, surely the bad smell remains, but don’t worry, here is what you can do to eliminate it.

Sodium bicarbonate

Place your shoes in a plastic bag filled with sodium bicarbonate is sealed the bag very well. Leave them for 8-10 hours, then remove the excess bicarbonate with a brush.

Activated carbon

Another effective method of eliminating bad odor from your shoes is the Activated carbon. Place your shoes next to the latter, over time the stench should disappear.

Olive oil

Rub the soles of the shoes with olive oil, wash them with Marseille soap, then rinse and dry the shoes.

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