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How to choose the most appropriate dog residence

How to choose the most appropriate dog residence - My animals


How to choose the most appropriate dog residence

Whether for an emergency or for a scheduled trip, there will always be a time when owners are forced to leave their pet in a dog residence. Ensuring that a series of requirements regarding facilities and services are covered will be essential for the animal’s well-being.

When you have to leave a dog away from home you must prioritize family or trusted friends. However, this option is not always feasible, so you will have to invest some time in choosing the most appropriate canine residence.

Nowadays, thanks to the resources of the web, the benefits and valuations of each one of them can be analyzed. Even so, visiting the centers beforehand is essential to verify the supposed suitability reflected in the networks.

Requirements for a good canine residence

First of all it is due verify that the centers have the relevant license, which accredits and ensures periodic inspections, as well as qualified personnel. The presence of trainers and veterinarians is one of the most important indicators, as they will better address any unforeseen situation.

The breadth of cages or rooms, in addition to cleaning, is essential. Normally, these types of centers tend to have animals individually locked up for their own safety. However, the space reserved for each of them must be the optimum to avoid the nervousness of the animal.

With regard to common areas, it is important to existence of parks or ‘gyms’ that allow exercise and entertainment of the dogs. In these cases, dogs of similar sizes or behaviors are usually taken in batches, in order to avoid possible conflicts.

When a dog residence lacks such areas, it will be necessary make sure the dog receives quality daily walks. Dogs are accustomed to a dose of daily activity, so if they are repressed for a long time they could be stressed, in addition to being harmful to their health.

Ensure meal schedules, administration of possible medications, of games and even cleaning; In case of long stays, it will also be essential. The good climate of the place is a point that must be assessed, especially if the departure occurs in winter.

Usually, the broadest centers are often far from urban centers, so it may be a first criterion to analyze. However, it is advisable to evaluate all kinds of options, as there are also nurseries or even specialized caregivers at home that can be useful for short stays.

How to prepare pets

Before leaving a dog in a canine residence It is advisable to evaluate your reaction in the absence of its owner. Therefore, choosing relatives in a first escape will be essential.

Walking the dog

Once the response of the animal is known, it is recommended that the stay in the residence is not very long, especially if you do not have a previous experience of it.

As for the adaptation of the dog to the center, It is convenient for owners to bring feed, sweets, toys and a house mat. In this way, the feeling of loneliness or insecurity before the change of stay will not be so drastic.

Ensuring the good condition of the pets before departure is crucial and, in case of having any veterinary treatment, make sure that the center is properly administered.

Once it is time to say goodbye, frequent emotional reactions should be avoided. The latter will only increase the state of nervousness and uncertainty of the animal.

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