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How to choose the most appropriate dog breed for the family?

How to choose the most appropriate dog breed for the family? - My animals

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How to choose the most appropriate dog breed for the family?

Having a pet is not an idea that can be taken lightly, and that being responsible for the welfare of an animal at home requires many reflections. Before the future dog comes home we can choose the breed of dog most suitable for the family.

Currently, more than 200 dog breeds are recognized by the International Cynological Federation and, even more, are the crossbreeds between the breeds. There is a wide variety of dogs with different character, size and energy level, which is why we should think about which one would best suit us and our way of life.

How to choose the most appropriate breed of dog?

Some factors that we can take into account are the age, sex, size, character or activity you need.

Choose the dog’s age

If we are going to buy or adopt a dog, The first thing to ask is if we want a puppy or an adult dog.

If you are a puppy, it will be necessary to spend some time in your education and socialization. In the first months of life it is very important that a dog get used to the things that can later be daily, such as the sound of cars, motorcycles, knowing how to interact with other dogs and different people such as babies or children.

You will also have to learn to do your needs outside, stay home alone even for a short time, not bite other people or our belongings, not eat anything other than your own, etc. It is a long process in which we must devote time and, if you have previous experience, it will be much easier.

Acquiring an adult dog can be a challenge if you have some kind of behavior problem, but in most cases it is usually more recommended to adopt an older dog if you don’t have any experience previous with a dog.

Male or female?

Another aspect that you have to think about before having a dog is if you want a male or a female. Although it is true that there may be differences in the character of a dog according to its sex, these are generalities: the behavior is linked to the individual itself, so that a male can be more, less or equal affectionate, aggressive or independent than a female.

The important thing you have to know is that males tend to mark the territory and you will have to raise this in their behavior at home or face possible sterilization.

Likewise, the females are jealous every six months and during those days we must be careful in the walks if there are other dogs; They can also stain a bit at home.

In addition, in the long run both sexes may have problems in their health that can be prevented by castration: such as prostate cancer in males or pseudogestation, breast tumors or pyometers in females that are enhanced by the action of sex hormones.

Dog activity

Activity is perhaps one of the most important things about having a dog.. The level of energy that a water dog needs to spend on a yorkshire is not the same, of course there may be more or less active individuals within the breeds, but the time we have to walk and exercise is important.

The daily activities that a dog needs greatly influence many aspects of its behavior and are necessary to have a mentally and physically healthy pet.

  • Walk. It should last between 40 minutes and an hour and be calm enough so that the dog can smell freely.
  • Environmental enrichment. With toys to bite, look for food …
  • Smell activities. With hidden food or prizes that the dog can look for using only his sense of smell, the main meaning for dogs. These activities tire and relax the dog.
  • Bonding Session. To strengthen ties with our friend can simply be moments of caresses or pampering.
  • training. From basic orders like “come here”, “sit”, “lie down” …
Border Collie Training

The most appropriate breed of dog for your family will be the one that socializes well with each of your members and that to which you can devote enough time and attention in their daily lives.

What are the most sociable dog breeds?

A reason to choose between the most sociable dog breeds? The first is that when friends get together, not only humans have to get along. Read more “

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