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How to care for and refresh your dog in summer?

How to care for and refresh your dog in summer

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How to care for and refresh your dog in summer?

That hot weather has arrived and we spend the day cooling off at the beach and the pool, but … And our pets, how do they cool? How to avoid a heat stroke in dogs? They don’t sweat like us to cool off, so we must pay special attention to them on these dates. Discoverthe things we should avoid and what we should do so that our dog is fresh and healthy in summer!


-Provide them with fresh and clean water every day:

We must change it every day because also with heat it breaks down before and more bacteria appear. We must leave him a huge pot, always in the shade, and let him drink as much as he wants.


-Wash them or let them bathe in a bowl:

Many dogs love it bathe and cool off in the waterput them one large tub or tub It would be great on those hot days. Then, we must Dry them with a towel.

– Always carry water with us if we take them out for a walk

Especially if you are going to be walking quite a while. Bring a bottle of water and a pot. Or better yet: they sell portable water dispensers for dogs Very economical and they are perfect.

-Have a place in the shade always available

A place where our dog can shelter from the scorching sun It is totally necessary and essential, whether it is at home or if we are going to spend the day in the countryside or elsewhere.

-Take them to the beach to bathe

Be careful, not all beaches are allowed, but If you find out which ones allow it, you can spend a great day with your dog. Remember to bring water and umbrella so you can protect yourself from the sun.

-Make them special homemade ice cream for dogs

The dog ice cream it’s a great method to cool in summer. There are lots of easy recipes that we can find and that are not harmful to them. Do not give ice cream to humans.


-DO NOT leave the dog in the car and leave:

Fatal error. Even for a very short period of time and even if we have the window a little open, the heat and lack of air could lead to death in a few minutes. Never do this!

-NO physical exercise in old dogs, overweight or very thick fur:

In summer, especially in the hottest months or weeks, it is highly recommended decrease or pause physical exercise to avoid subjecting it to extreme situations. If we get them better in the early morning or at night and in moderation.


-We must be especially careful with the Pug (Carlinos) and the Bulldogs, having respiratory problems will be more fatigued with heat.

– Very careful when washing them that they do not enter water in the ears: it could create a serious ear infection and even in severe cases, lose hearing.

-Many times it is said that in summer it is better to cut the hair of long-haired dogs, but that is not quite true, since long hair also protects them from the sun with their fur.

-If your dog doesn’t like water, don’t force him to get into it.

-Avoid walking them in the hottest hours of the day, when the sun is higher. If we take it out, try to find places with shade.

-In summer there are more insects such as mosquitoes and ticks, it would be advisable to prevent the spread of leishmaniosis or avoid having fleas or ticks by putting a flea collar, a pipette or going to the veterinarian.

-If we suspect that our dog may have suffered a heat stroke because he is dizzy or has vomited, let him lie in the shade, pour water on his head and torso and give him a drink. If it does not improve, take it to the vet as soon as possible.

And you, do you know another way to make the heat more bearable?

Have a Happy and Refreshing Summer! ?

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