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How to Care For a Baby Hamster – Best Possible Survival Methods

From three weeks old these baby hamsters can be cleaned to start with solid food. In some cases, due to circumstances of force majeure, they can be cleared earlier. It will depend on each case.

DETAIL This article explains how to care for a baby hamster and some advice on how to proceed if you try to give up a passage that has not yet reached the weaning age.

Everything you need in order to survive these little creators here, read:

When does the carrier circulate from his offspring?

From three weeks small hamsters can and should be separated from their mothers, at most it may take a week, because after five weeks old hamsters are mature sexual, even if they have not reached the size of adults, and there may be fights on the death in addition to unwanted debris.

Feeding the little hamster

A three-week hamster can be cultivated, in principle, the same way an adult would. But we must keep in mind that their size incisors are not an adult not to mention their cheek pouches. Therefore, we must note that if we provide the typical seed mix that has already been prepared, our pets can refuse the first days that are more. Being a dry food that does not rot or damage, it is always best to eat more than by default and let the hamster hidden in his private pantry. But we, for hygiene, we will always put the food in the same place, and prefer in a small container.

How to care for a baby hamster

The hamsters can be suffering on the food container, and worse, threaded the fragments, which may die. That’s why I don’t personally like a plastic scientists and I prefer to use a small metal container or ceramic. Not all hamsters bite to “furniture”, although there is one, and it is better to prevent.

Hamsters need to be needed in their lifetime to supplement their seed-based diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. When the hamster is not yet the best adults can eat the hardest foods, but we must let the fresh vegetables most of their diet because they can cause diarrhea.

In addition, hamsters are omnivores, in nature they eat some insects. There are complete mixes on the market for hamsters that offer a little dry meat cacket and do not cause headaches. Although a 100% vegetable mixture is normal, a slightly low protein content is associated with a hamster nutrient requirement. A dog cookie can be supplied from time to time with a small reason of substances of animal origin, or a little boiled egg.

Meat, both raw and cooked, is controversial among experts. Some show that it stimulates cannibalism with the offspring, although it can be avoided in others. Hamsters also go crazy on fish. Find out how my hamster prevents her from eating her.

There is something very important with fresh foods, especially animals, to ensure that the hamster was not hidden, then rots easily and is very likely to suffer from intestinal infections of food spoiled hamsters. These infections, in fatal hamsters, are usually even with treatment.

Then we have to monitor the consequences of non-dried food that our little hamster might have hidden. We must also take precautions and hygiene in the rare case that our hamster has decided to take your right pantry on the corner was using as a toilet.

In addition, the hamster must always have clean and fresh water, even if it is not an animal. The easiest way to avoid spills and worries is to use a sprue tube, which slowly dispenses water to touch the tongue of the hamster. It is verified that the hamster does not leave the tube positioned so that it cannot omit water and no air bubbles that prevent sprue forming operation.

When a hamster cage opens, as logically, it may not find the source of the water for the first time. We must approach it sprue tube to muzzle several times a day I was very confused and was thirsty, after a few days will no longer need.

Young hamster care

In addition to food and drink, we will need a little bed hamster or shelter building. The safest materials for this purpose are hydrogen cotton of pharmaceuticals or goat hair that they sell in some specialized establishments.

The hamster breaks and shapes the material to make a cave when it protects and takes shelter from the cold. But a young hamster probably does not yet well developed and best instinct that we, with our fingers, we believe a cave with a hole or nest with the chosen material and try our hamster sleep on it, or covered for that matter.

Hamsters should be at a temperature between 18 and 25 ° C, below 14 ° C enter hibernation in addition to suffer pneumonia or colds. In the case of offspring, the best environmental temperature is more important than adults.

A bed must have a hamster cage renewed every few days, depending on the size of the case, which will keep the soil dry. The materials used for this purpose are different, from grass to sawdust, but are more comfortable in my opinion that the cat litter, which is also a bit of absorbent deodorant. Of course, we must use normal versions, without perfumes. In the case of a hypothetical wish to deodorize a hamster cage should make products suitable for it, as hamsters are very sensitive animals and different allergies.

Home big with our hamster to have an exercise wheel, or toy to supply. When the wheel buys or the cage to take her built must think about what the adult animal will be. The best people who can remove and put them and are not central back, although they are plastic and we must look our hamster does not want to eat. Exercise metal wheels are often too small for adult hamsters than Russian or Siberian races, Chinese, and many of them incorporate a central axis that can be uncomfortable with the animal.


However, if we can offer our hamster long free walks at our house or a specific area for not hidden under furniture, swing or exercise wheel may be dispensable. Just keep us in mind we do not overload the hamster cage and cage is not too big, but too small.

For more information about the hamster residence you will not hesitate to visit how to prepare my hamster step by step on a cage.

Take a very small child

Mamma hamsters can abandon their young, even kill them and spend them for a variety of reasons. One is because we handle the cage and the stretch with the mother. It can also happen if the woman leaves the cage and returns, for whatever reason, she does not recognize the litter.

It is best to have the prepared cage so that in the three weeks from the birth of calves we should only clean the corner and place food toilets very carefully. We must touch the calves until they keep themselves because our smell could cause rejection to the mother. We will try not to change the nest at that time without stressing the mother. In addition we have a nest or bed should be much more than usual, before birth the mother must matter enough to build it to your liking.

But no matter how carefully you care about a hamster mom and her litter, sometimes the worst happens and we see that the mother kills her young. In these cases, if the passage is already served 12 days and already has a capita similar to that of adult hamster hair, not his first fuzz, we can try to finish lifting the baby hamster hand, as it was.

It is vital that these are achieved, albeit very small and can attract food.

Baby hamster with a special too early we have a special care not to catch cold and return to the nest every bit, if we can not ensure proper environmental temperature. Perhaps one electric mat is placed just below the cage, separated by a towel, in this way to ensure that they get adequate heat.

We will look to drink, bringing closer to the nose sprue every few hours. If you notice that they can’t drink directly, I advise you to get a syringe without needle and slightly offer them. It is necessary to keep it hydrated. But the variety there will be, the most important thing is that a baby hemster heated before life can survive and survive.

Small standards should always be small hamsters when they start eating solid. We can choose the most minute grains and prepared mixtures for hamsters and mix it with mixtures of seeds for birds. But the very young specimens will feed especially soft foods: bread soaked in milk, some fruits and vegetables and chopped hard-boiled egg or some ham. You should also be very clear about the prohibited foods for the hamster.

As can eat semi-solid food, will withdraw the soaked bread in milk, although not completely. The milk makes it easy and so the egg makes hard and the boiled cold meat. Take care therefore of the hygiene of the case.

Success with premature overtaking calves is not guaranteed and depends very much on the proliferation and regularity of our care. My first hamster was overturned at 17 days because the mother became aggressive and killed one of his brothers, and I ate her little seeds blended food was not pulling it hard out and that I was in my baby.

Before lifting, look for home for infants

Hamsters are animals that may have litter of up to 14 cubs, although the litter is five to seven ordinary children.

If we intend to raise our hamsters, before we have to look for good houses for everyone who could be born. That is, we have to find responsible people who want to have one or more hamsters and will take good care, and explain that depending on how many born and how much may survive that was little hamster for them. But the problem is that there are no good houses for everyone.

Where we take women hamster and take you pregnant, surprise! It is less time to look for the responsible person’s family to be smaller, and the situation is probably scared. That is how my first hamster came in my life, because the hamster was a friend who was pregnant and could not take care of everyone. And it was a great experience, so much that I was the proud mom and grandmother of many human hamsters for many years.

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