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How to calm your dog when there are fireworks?

Truco calmar perros fuegos artificiales

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How to calm your dog when there are fireworks?

Try to calm your dog during fireworks

Fireworks are undoubtedly one of the biggest fears and fears of dogs. Calm a dog during fireworks It is not usually an easy task: Many of them can suffer great anxiety and hide, run or seek refuge in their humans. If your dog is one of those affected by pyrotechnics, you may be interested to know this curious trick and these tips. We will have to try!

Trick to calm dogs during fireworks

Fireworks are very common in festive times, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve or summer parties. Although there is a minority of dogs that are not immuted to them, most of them have a really bad time: Logically they fail to understand what these horrible sudden rumblings are due to.

They can get so nervous that they can even cause material damage to the home or even in extreme cases get scared so much that they can hurt someone unintentionally. The panic is sometimes terrible …

To prevent this from happening (or at least have some clear things anticipating the dates indicated) We can do several things, try others and keep some things in mind. Let’s see some.

Tips calm dog fireworks

They claim that with the following trick dogs can be calmer during fireworks

The Animal Welfare Society of the Philippines (PAWS) recently He tweeted about a quick and simple way to make your dogs feel safe when there are fireworks:

DIY Thundershirt to help relief anxiety this new year. (Saw this on FB; it actually works – for my dogs at least) ???

– Gelo of PAWS (@GeloOfPAWS) December 27, 2015

This wrapping can be done very simply with a simple piece of cloth and could, perhaps, even save dogs’ lives.

  1. Put the fabric around the chest
  2. Cross from behind (from behind)
  3. Cross below (through the chest, just before the belly)
  4. Tie with a knot at the back, next to the spine

The wrap is designed to calm the dog, so you don’t have the need to run away, get lost or run in traffic. If you don’t feel like making the wrap yourself, you can buy a similar creation called “Thundershirt” (thunder shirt) that has the same calming effects.

This simple trick could help the dog feel safe and much less anxious during fireworks and other loud noises on vacation.

Trick soothe fireworks dogs

Tips to calm a dog during fireworks:

-It is recommended not to leave dogs alone at home on fireworks dates. The best thing is that they are always accompanied, and if not possible, leave them at the house of someone who can take care of them and if the place is quieter, much better.

-Do not leave dogs outside the house when there are fireworks and do not leave them tied, because they can hurt themselves by trying to run away or trying to break free. Dogs should be indoors with people, as it can be very traumatic for them.

-Create a calm and calm environment, convey tranquility With your words and your actions, that is transmitted from human to dog many times. Act normally.

-Try if you can, cover the sounds of fireworks a bit with television or radio. Eye, do not put it to an excessive volume. This will distract the dog’s attention and you will remove iron from the matter.

-Close windows and blinds tightly, and run the curtains if your dog is very scared. Not seeing the fires through the windows or the lights they produce will take away some fear.

-Try to find out what time pyrotechnic noises usually begin, and feed your dog at least 2 or 3 hours before Let the fires begin.

-If you live in a block of flats, and your dog is not outdoors all day, When there are no fireworks give him some good walks and play a lot with him. This will make you more tired and calmer in general.

-Don’t ignore him if he seeks refuge in you, give him support and love. Comforting you will greatly reduce your stress and show you that you are paying attention and that you care.

Calm a pyrotechnic dog

* If still following all these tips (and the trick of the cloth) you still can’t calm your dog, you can try some home remedies to relieve stress in dogs, but always consult your veterinarian first. As well they can give you special drops or pills to give you the peace of mind that your dog needs, in special moments and of maximum stress.

Good luck with your puppies! ?

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