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How to call cats in different countries: words, sounds, features


How to call cats in different countries: words, sounds, features

If you ever tried to call a cat in another country, then you noticed that they do not always react. Why? Because, obviously, cats from different countries react to different sounds. When summoning a Japanese cat to itself, do not think that it will understand your “kitty-kitty-kitty”. How to contact cats from around the world so that they understand you?

How to call cats in different countries of the world

In England, cats say “pus pus pus”. Probably, the call in these words for cats from a rainy country is the most comfortable and warm. In Israel they say a very similar combination, but with their subtleties of the language – “ps-ps-ps” As for India, they say “meow-meow.” Most likely the Indians turned out to be the most logical, because they call the furry animal according to what sounds they make. Residents of each country attract cat’s attention with different sounds, and these are just a couple of examples.

In Japan, the country of sakura, completely different traditions. Languages ​​in Asia are very different from European, and everything that we are used to is completely incomprehensible to them. That is why the way they call the cat is also very unusual for them – “shu-shu-shu”. If you want to suspect a cat in Poland, you tell her “kitsch, kitsch, kitsch”.

Even for those who are not from America, it is well known that here you say: “kitty, kitty, kitty.” In this way the word “kitten” is translated into Russian. In Russia, a pet can be suspected by saying “kitty-kitty-kitty.” In English it sounds like a “kiss”, and definitely each of us wants to kiss these charming creatures. If you want to play with a cat in China, try calling her “mao-mao-mao”.

In Romania, even if it sounds strange to people born in English-speaking countries, the correct way to call a cat is “pis pis pis pis”. In Australia, unlike the United States, they call on cats similar to the Romanian language: “pus pus pus”. If you are in Germany and see a cute cat you want to play with, you should call him “mitz-mitz-mitz”.

If you want to attract the attention of a cat in the Netherlands, then you can call her “push-push-push”. In Argentina, cats will respond to mi-mish-mish. In Turkey, pussies are called with the help – “pes-pes-pes-pes”.

How do cats from different countries communicate with each other?

Cats from around the world adapt to people and begin to respond to different sounds. This means that the Russian cat will not respond to the Chinese call, because she simply will not understand what exactly they want from her. However, in the communication of cats themselves from different countries, things are much simpler. Animals do not need the language of words to understand each other. For them, olfactory or aromatic labeling plays an important role in communication.

They communicate through the smell in urine, feces and chemicals or pheromones from glands located around the cheeks, mouth, lower back, chin, forehead, paws and tail. Sometimes, for stronger communication, urine may contain additional discharge from the anal sacs.

Although the voice of cats still plays a role in communication between them. Their purrs are usually a sign of satisfaction when they growl and howl, when they feel threatened or hurt in one way or another. Mother cats purr sometimes to help calm their newborn kittens. If you have ever encountered two cats howling or growling at each other – this is a sign of war, when two opponents try to show each other who is in charge.

If you wish, you can teach your cat to respond to any sounds. The main thing is to treat her with delicacies and give food. If you teach a little kitten from childhood, it will respond to your letter combinations and become truly unique.

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