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Best Tips and Ideas On How to Build a DIY Hamster Playground

How to build a DIY hamster playground Cage – The idea of ​​starting to build a playground for your hamster can come from two fundamental things:

How to build a DIY hamster playground
How to build a DIY hamster playground
  • A passion for DIY and the recovery of obsolete materials,
  • Giving your pet a home that was made from your own hands
  • Well, how can you say no to your baby looking at you with doe eyes?

Within a few days, you will be able to find the material and build a real amusement park with an educational path for your hamster.

Of course, we decided to share this adventure with you as well, explaining to you every step to make your little friend happy, just like the kids at the playground.

Materials and tools needed to build the playground

When you decide to start this nice adventure, of building a playground for your little hamster, you have to get the necessary materials and tools, then there are the various furnishings that I will suggest you to customize your work.

Let’s start with the necessary equipment:

As for the material to create the attractions and the place where to raise the cricetoso amusement park you need:

  • Flat timber (the icicle sticks so to speak, you can recycle those, being careful to wash them very well, or find them for sale here) in abundant quantities because they are the basis of many games, I would say a minimum of 150 units.
  • String
  • Woods with a maximum diameter of 5 mm, of those you find in nature walking through the fields
  • Cardboard roll of the finished toilet paper
  • Two wooden spheres, those that are used to perfume the drawers, perhaps to recycle them when they have finished their use as perfumers
  • Sawdust
  • Fake grass mat with a maximum height of 5 mm
  • Fake moss, so to speak what we use for the shepherds in the Christmas crib
  • Cardboard cover of a box of at least 60 × 40.

Preparation of the playground base

Let’s start right from the base, or the floor of our playground.

We take the cardboard cover of the box, if you don’t find it you can also use a piece of a box, but you have to make small edges at least two centimeters high because otherwise you could make everything fall to the ground with a single careless movement.

Let’s make the base waterproof.

  • We take a bowl and put the contents of the jar of vinyl glue (about 150 milliliters) and put together a coffee cup of water.
  • We turn carefully the mixture and with the brush we spread it over the entire surface of the lid from the inside.
  • Let it dry for good, the glue must not be more sticky and be completely transparent to be sure of being able to proceed, and we continue with our work.
  • Let’s take the mat grass and cut the size of the inside of our lid.
  • With the help of a few drops of glue when hot we fix the carpet to the previously waterproofed base, we need all this to keep our park clean after each use.
  • With sawdust let’s make one or two piles that can be used to give our little friend more familiarity and security.

And here is the basis for our paro ready, of course here too you can unleash your imagination, for example with children I made a small sign with a stick and a card with Pipsy Land written on it and I glued it where we decided it would be the entrance for little friends.

The camouflaged tunnel

Let’s start with a very simple game to make.

Take the tube of cardboard toilet paper, take some vinyl glue (about 75 milliliters) and half a coffee cup of warm water.

Mix well the mixture and with the brush you do so to fill all the inside well, this helps to make so that the hamster does not take from the instinct of gnawing, but also in case of bisognini to clean and sanitize quickly.

At work completely dry instead we take the external part and with patience, hot glue and fake moss let’s cover it adding a greater quantity in the part that will remain visible and not where it will be placed in the box.

Here is the first attraction, the tunnel that will make him relive the emotions of the natural ravines where he would go if he wasn’t in captivity hiding.

The tilting swing

Going by degrees of difficulty, we have another carousel that is really easy to make but which our little domestic Rodent really likes.

let’s begin arranging 19 flat sticks on a table how to form a compact rectangle.

Let’s take four more sticks and with the help of the hot glue we put them perpendicular to those placed near the ends, these have the function of keeping together all the 19 sticks that we previously leaned against the table.

About half the length of the triangle, near where we pasted the perpendicular sticks, then at both ends, glue, always with our hot gun, the two wooden balls that we took from the drawers where they had finished their task of perfuming them.

If we take the whole thing now, we turn over and lean on the ground, we will see that the structure rests only on the spheres and depending on where a weight is placed, the whole structure rises or falls.

Our hamster will have a great time running left and right for the feeling that the carousel of movement gives.

The slide

There is no self-respecting playground where there is no slide, and even our little friends can have one to have fun.

Let’s start preparing the lineup, we take two whole sticks and four that with our pincers we will split in half.

Let’s take the two long sticks and let’s place them parallel in front of us, with the help of hot glue we must now build the ladder, we alternate a piece of wood and a space of a few millimeters to finish the whole length of the sticks.

Now let’s take six whole sticks and one that we will divide into two equal parts. The six long ones we approach them to form a rectangle and those in the middle instead we will use them with hot glue to stop all the vertical ones together.

Now we have the ladder and the part where our little friends have to slip, on the latter it must be passed at least three times, (letting it dry between one pass and another,) of vinyl glue on its surface.

Take it now two small wooden cubes 5 mm sideways which you will need to glue the two parts together with the right inclination.

Armed with our dear friend hot glue we take the two cubes ed glue them on the back of the ladder on one side, then we attach to form a triangle with the floor, also the part of the slide to the cubes.

On the two sides of the chute part we recommend gluing two pieces of wood to the sides in perpendicular to make sure they are small protections.

Here is ready a fun slide that we can decorate as we want, maybe with a can of acrylic colors you can also decorate and make cheerful.

The swing with sticks

Here we move on to a slightly more complicated project than the previous ones.

Let’s start by talking about how you should treat the sticks you found in nature to use them.

You must first remove all the knots with a cutter and make them as smooth as possible.

They must be dry to prevent the growth of mold, because your hamster may also want to “taste” our work and should not take any health risks even in these cases.

So we can start with a dozen sticks about six or seven centimeters long, let’s approach them and with the help of the hot glue unite them to form a rectangle.

Then take the rope and always with the glue we make that there are at the four sides at least ten centimeters of string that we will use to hang on the structure, so the base of the swing is ready.

Now instead with our icicles we form, joining them with hot glue, we form three squares, which we will then join together to form a kind of bridge, which is then the supporting structure of our swing.

We will have two squares on the sides and one on top to keep everything together, we will only have to tie to the square above our structure with the string and here is ready the swing where our little friend hamster will be able to rock!

In do-it-yourself reading everything seems really very complicated but in the end it is much easier to do than to say!

I took to decorate the swing fake moss and with the mythical glue gun is hot I attached a few small bits to the structure, to camouflage and make everything much more natural.

Of course this is not a mandatory step, you can even leave the swing in natural or color it in Vegas style, so your little friend will always be happy to swing and enjoy his game.

How to set up the playground for our hamster

And here we have the base and all the attractions, there remains only to set up the space for the entertainment of our little one.

let’s begin finding the right space to lay the base of the park, remember that you do not have a cage but an open place, so there must be no danger around the area, it could happen that for a moment of distraction the baby comes out so it would no longer be safe.

Once you find the ideal place, you should also think that it is not worthwhile to set up an exhibition by gluing the attractions, otherwise it would be difficult to clean it after using it.

I thought of this park of its own to have the opportunity every day to remove everything the one that is inside it and leave the base in the open air to prevent bad odors from forming or otherwise not being completely hygienic.

Then place the base in the place you have decided to use to play with your little friend and then take all the built attractions that you can keep in a shoe box and arrange them as a route, leave the tunnel and insert them all making sure there is space for your friend to pass through.

You must be careful because if you do not leave the space to go around the attractions, you may lose interest and not find all that you have built with commitment and love.

The hamster does not play, how can I not make my efforts vain?

And here we are at the fateful moment of letting our little friend play, we place him in the center ready with the telephone to resume his adventures and….

He puts himself in a defensive position and starts to get four.

The first thought is the regret for him and then the anger for having wasted so much time behind this project.

Don’t worry, you can patiently resolve and give the child the chance to find the park amusing, until finally seeing it just happy to go among its attractions.

  • Do you remember how you did at the beginning of your acquaintance with your hamster?
  • When were you afraid of yourself and couldn’t even take it in your hands?

Here with the memory you have to go over those moments, as with the premiere you became familiar.

Take some sunflower seeds or premiums that mainly loves your little one, put one near the beginning of the first attraction you have decided to use and let it become familiar, proceed by degrees, leave it for a few days with its favorite food, follow it, incite it and pamper him as he is used to in your relationship, you will see that within ten days the child will have fun in his amusement park that you have built with so much passion and love.

A very important trick is to avoid leaving him alone while he is playing, if something happens that scares him, he will surely no longer want to have fun.

If you need to leave it unattended there are plexiglass boxes on the market with different sizes, you can buy one where you can put the base inside with all the games and leaving it open your friend will take no risk and can have fun safely.

Of course, it is not a substitute for the cage because there are no fundamentals that the hamster looks for, the drinker, the bowls, the wheel and its spaces to rest, so you can leave it a few hours to play but then bring it back into its habitat.



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