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How often should a dog be taken to the veterinarian?

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How often should a dog be taken to the veterinarian?

How often should a dog be taken to the veterinarian for a checkup?

Many do not know how often it is recommended to take the dog to the veterinarian. Depending on several things, we probably have to do it before or we can delay the visit. We tell you the approximate frequency to take your dog for a checkup.

Why should we check them periodically?

Checkups are of vital importance because thanks to them we can check that our dog is in good health and prevent diseases, or if they have them, that they are diagnosed as soon as possible To avoid major problems.

More checks and revisions are usually done to puppies or elderly dogs, due to its vulnerability.

Puppy checks and reviews

In small dogs, checkups and reviews will be more often. Medical checkups for puppies are done to schedule the vaccination schedule and complete all vaccinations. You need to strengthen your immune system; they will also need to be dewormed (internally and externally) and rule out any congenital problems. The veterinarian can offer us recommendations on how to feed it correctly according to the particular needs of the dog and tips for educating and introducing it into the home.

Checks and reviews of adult dogs

In dogs and adults, Check-ups do not have to be as often, but it is recommended that we take it at least once a year to have a comprehensive check and thus be able to rule out any small or serious problems you may have. Also take them whenever, if we notice something strange both in their behavior and in their physical state.

A comprehensive check includes:

  • Review of ears, eyes, mouth, nails, skin and fur, genitourinary system, cardiovascular system, lungs, blood pressure, behavior, blood tests, feces and urine.

During this medical review, It is also used to talk about vaccination and deworming guidelines both internally and externally. More convenient for your dog.

Checkups and reviews for pregnant bitches

The pregnant dog should be up to date on deworming and vaccines. It is recommended to go to the veterinarian so that confirm pregnancy, something that usually lasts about 65 days. During that period they will surely be more frequent visits to the veterinarian to see that everything goes well. They will also give us advice for their nutrition and care during pregnancy and after delivery.

Checkups and reviews for elderly or older dogs

When a dog has 7 or more years, is already considered an older or older dog. They should make them geriatric checkups, since they are in a stage of their life in which the wear of your body It usually causes the appearance of diseases such as: Osteoarthritis, digestive, cardiac and metabolic disorders. They could also have a drop in defenses and be more vulnerable to infectious diseases, So it is essential that the vaccines in due course.


  • Taking your dog to the vet on time can save your life And it can save you a lot of trouble.
  • Paying a veterinary consultation can be very cheap, although many believe it is expensive. The reviews can detect something in time and avoid future problems, possible operations … etc.
  • If you love your dog, don’t let it be. It deserves to be in good health, and especially if you have any problem do not hesitate to go to the vet anyway. We must ensure their well-being.
  • After a vacation in which we took our dog or left it somewhere or with someone, It is important to make a review.
  • We must feed them correctly: Give them a food balanced and quality, and put them clean water every day, that is not exposed to direct sun.
  • This article is merely indicative. Consult all your doubts and concerns with an expert veterinarian.

Good luck with your dog!

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