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How much water does a horse drink a day?

cuanta agua bebe un caballo

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How much water does a horse drink a day?

How much does the horse drink? Horses they need a lot of water, it is essential for them to stay hydrated. But there will be times when some horses need more water, since depending on the weather, food, activity or size of the horse varies. Known How much water to give a horse.

Horse hydration

  • Horses they can drink 10 to 15 liters of water a day in winter and between 50 and 70 liters during hot seasons or during workdays continuous.
  • A horse at rest, eat feed and feed should ingest 3 to 3.5 liters of water per kilo of dry matter ingested, or 5 to 6 liters of water per 100 kilos of live weight (25/30 liters for horses weighing 500 kilos).
  • On horses In intense work we are already going to 4.5 / 5 liters of water for every kilo of dry matter ingested or 9.5 / 10.5 liters of water for every 100 kilos of live weight (About 50/55 liters for horses weighing 500 kilos)

What kind of water, at what temperature and where is it placed?

  • It is best to use drinking water, at a temperature of 15 degrees, through automatic drinking troughs that are clean and check that they are not clogged.
  • Drinkers should be washed daily to avoid bacteria. The horses are very fussy about the water and will not drink from water with a strange taste, water in poor condition or contaminated.
how much water a horse drinks

The food they eat gives them water, but the amount will vary …

  • If they are pastures that provide us with more quantity (60 -70% is water) or preserved forages that will vary depending on the process to which they have been subjected (hay: 10-12% water; hay: 30-40% water; silos: 50-70% water).
  • In addition to the water they contain, in the digestion process more metabolic water will be generated It will cover the needs of the horses.

However, we must calculate the contribution of water based on the amount of dry matter ingested or the live weight of the horse and its activity or physiological state.

What happens when a horse suffers dehydration or does not drink what it should?

If it’s hot, a working horse can lose up to 10 or 12 liters of sweat per hour. This obviously dehydrates it, but with the liquid, you will also lose electrolytes, sodium, chlorine and potassium essentially. There are supplements that can be given to horses that do sports races or exercise a lot to prevent them from losing those minerals.

Horses tolerate dehydration better than humans since the horse’s colon contains a large pool of water and the horse can use it when he needs it. In the short term dehydration will not affect its performance, but we must be careful and that is not something that happens often.

Dehydration is something to which we do not want nor should we arrive. When a horse is dehydrated:

  • It affects performance
  • Cause metabolic problems
  • It causes the fatigue entry

Further, when a horse does not drink enough water often, the risk of colic is increased.

We must take care of our horsesThey are noble and respectable animals that need all our support and that we take care of them as they deserve. If I did not want to eat, drink or have Any concerns, do not hesitate to consult or visit the veterinarian.

Thank you for ensuring your well-being!

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