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How much do gerbils cost – Where To Buy, Which To Choose and Why

How much do gerbils cost – If a gerbil was alone in his cage, his lifestyle will not prevent you from making you happy. But a gerbil, like many rodents, prefers to be in the company of other congeners. This is a gregarious animal that enjoys the company of a fellow of the same sex. At the risk of being bored firmly. The prices are given below as an indication should, therefore, be multiplied by 2 in the case where you intend to adopt not one, but 2 gerbils. Note: Please convert the currency to get the equivalent of yours.

Cost to purchase a Gerbils

Think again, the dry price of a gerbil is not excessive. Nevertheless, it represents only a cripple part of what it will cost you throughout its life. Depending on its provenance and race, a gerbil will cost you on average 10 to 15 euros (convert to US), rarely more, sometimes less . Thus, the price in a shelter will often be revised downward, especially if your future protected at a certain age. The professional breeders and individuals engaged mostly right price, instead of pet stores that tend to drive prices up, while the quality is prohibited.

However, it is important to buy a whole bunch of items that will serve your gerbil before it is adopted on its own. Because there is no question of bringing your new rodent home without a minimum be prepared.

The accessories

Your gerbil will not need an extremely large cage . Of course, the number of animals you hold will be proportional to the size of the cage . Count on average fifty euros . Some are more expensive than othersin particular because of their material or their strength . Others, occasions, can very well do the trick.

Then you will need to buy the basic accessories of your rodent. To know a bowl of food , where you will have its pellets , but also a bottle or a waterer , everything depends on what you prefer. Each time, count € 5 on average. Price that can double according to the material of these elements.

You will not forget the toys as a full wheel (10 €) and a home (up to 20 €) or tunnels (10-15 €).

There will also be food to remember between pellets , hay , herbs and treats . A gerbil will cost you ten euros a month.

Finally, think of the litter on which your rodent will rest. Even if these materials are more expensive (nothing extravagant), opt for hempflax or cellulose. It’s always better than wood chips, which will cause health concerns and higher medical costs …

Medical expenses

This is the unpredictable expense item It is difficult to know how much your gerbil will cost you per month and especially per year. Go on at least thirty euros a year. Because this is the simple cost of a routine consultation , which should be done at least once a year.

To this, you may add a sterilization (150 €) or a castration (80-100 €) in the young subject. A drug treatment could push up the bill to ten euros. Count one to several hundred euros for a surgical operation . Result of a tumor or abscess for example.

The place of purchase

The quality of your gerbil will depend essentially on the place of adoption. Some are more recommended than others, because they ensure a better follow-up before putting it back in your hands.

  • At a professional breeder

There is not a mass for the gerbil. So those who do their job are certainly passionate . They are committed to passing on their knowledge and making it last . The gerbil is often treated well from birth . She is in contact with the breeder, and therefore with the human. She is well-kept in impeccable conditions . Before any purchase, move around, discuss with the breeder in question and ask all the questions that tease you . In addition to buying a gerbil, you will learn more by talking with him.

  • A particular

Again, your future gerbil has had contact with a human before contacting you. It is a pledge of advanced socialization. Nevertheless, the quality of detention is not certain. You must move to check his environment, the cleanliness of his cage. Know his origins, his parents, his past. Many private individuals litter the Internet world. Adoption is simplified but never buy with one click.

  • In pet shop

The pet shop is the place to escape par excellence. Healers often do not have the time to devote themselves to these small rodents. They are put in the same cage , breeding among themselves and favoring consanguinity . The genetic defects and hereditary diseases are legion pet . Thus, you will often adopt a gerbil more expensive than normal and less healthy. Forget.

  • In refuge

This is an opportunity to give a second chance to a rodent abandoned by his family of origin for many reasons. This gerbil has been cared for by the volunteers of the shelter . She will have been able to resume a normal life while waiting for her to come for her.

In summary

The gerbil can quickly cost you several hundred euros a month, without mentioning medical expenses, which can range from simple to fivefold. It is not the most expensive animal on the market. Above all, the main expenses are to be made before adoption. Accessories, foods, and cages are to be anticipated. Then you will have to turn to the most suitable place to adopt your pet. Some are more common than others, especially because they respect the beginning of life of your future rodent.

Which gerbil to choose?

The gerbil is a small rodent very easy to tame. Naturally curious, lively, playful, the gerbil is obviously endearing. If you decide to adopt one (or more preferably), you have made the right choice. Especially since it does not require a particular interview. However, we give you some tips to not be wrong at the time of purchase.

Understand the origin and character of the gerbil

A little history. The gerbil belongs to the family Gerbillinae , which itself is part of Cricétidae , which also give another branch: the hamster . About fifteen genera make up this mammal and more than a hundred species have been recorded in the wild. In their natural environment, we find mainly the gerbil in Africa, China and Mongolia.

The gerbil is a very sociable animal , even in captivity. It is a gregarious rodent . He experiences loneliness when alone. It is thus necessary to adopt at least 2 gerbils of the same sex of the same siblings and before their sexual maturity to avoid any conflict and to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

The gerbil is a particularly clean rodent since it performs its own toilet. You will have a very harmonious relationship with her. She loves cuddling. She is curious, lively, full of vitality and, as a bonus, does not emit any unpleasant smell .

Concerning her rhythm of life , she is diurnal . She sleeps most of the day, so she is active at the beginning of the day or at night. It can gradually adapt to your life, but it will maintain reflexes of rest in full day.

Choose a male or a female?

It does not matter. Let’s say that the female is more likely to mark her territory than the male, especially if you opt for the purchase of 2 female gerbils. Morphologically, the female is slightly larger than the male.

At what age?

It is recommended to wait about 2 months to adopt your gerbil. At this stage, she will be weaned and will no longer need her mother. Before, she will be prone to behavioral problems because she has not had time to be perfectly ready to leave the family cocoon.

What kind of gerbil to choose?

There are several species in the gerbil, all with different physical characteristics.

  • The dipodillus simoni includes no dress since it is a naked gerbil . The tail is short.
  • The lesser gerbil has a uniform dress on her back. The tail is longer than the body.
  • The Meriones crassus has a silky, shiny robe. This gerbil has white hairs on the belly and white nails.
  • The Meriones libycus has a gray tawny robe. The tail can reach 20 centimeters which ends with several black hairs.
  • The Meriones shawl is the biggest hope of the gerbil. In adulthood, it can reach 20 centimeters in length, with a tail not exceeding 18 centimeters. His dress is rather dark.
  • The Meriones vinogradovi is slightly smaller than the shawl.
  • The Meriones hurrianae has a rough coat, short and in no way silky.
  • The Pachyuromys duprasi has a silky coat, a rather short tail (60 cm) without necessarily a lot of hair to cover it.
  • The Psammomys obesus has a red dress.
  • The Rhombomys opimus has small ears.

The Meriones unguiculatus is the one that is found most often in individuals. It has an original color that is agouti with a clear belly, a tricolor on the back (gray, yellow and darker). However, some have mutated:

  • unique color : black, slate, ivory, saffron, blue
  • gloved coat : body and dark ends
  • The albino with a white coat and red eyes
  • The pied gerbil , which has mottled patterns.

Where to adopt my gerbil

  • pet shop . Be very careful. Some pet shops do not take care of their animals and rodents at all. If you opt for one or more female gerbils, they could have been mixed with males. Therefore, it could be in the making at the time of purchase. The health of these rodents is not always taken seriously by sometimes unscrupulous employees.
  • refuge, an association. This is the best way to give a second life to these small rodents who can live on average 4 years in captivity. They were often pampered by volunteers who were passionate about everything. If their first experience with a human has gone wrong, your future gerbil has since regained some confidence through the work of the healers.
  • At a professional breeder. It is often the pledge to have a gerbil corresponding to your expectations. The professional breeder, in most cases, knows his subject perfectly and has taken care of your future pet. However, always check that his living conditions have been favorable. Observe his relationship with his owner before making any purchase.
  • In an individual . Here too, you will have to check the environment in which your future gerbil bathes since its birth, its behavior towards the human. She must be curious, lively, moving, and not prostrate or be afraid as soon as the owner approaches her.

Choosing a gerbil in good health

A gerbil in good health presents:

  • A shiny, silky, clean coat
  • A clean and unsoiled behind
  • Well cut and aligned teeth
  • Dry eyes and nose, without flow
  • Lively behavior, curious, alert
  • No balls under the skin
  • No crust or visible sore

Our Final Opinion

There are many species of gerbils. All gather nevertheless on a generality: the gerbil is an animal easy to tame, curious, lively, pleasant to watch evolve in its cage and with its congeners. Because, yes, gregarious rodent, the gerbil prefers to live with at least one of his siblings. They must be put together very early to avoid any conflict and bloody fight.

In addition, you should check during adoption that your gerbil has all the signs of good health. This will be the sine qua non for a rich life until around 4 years old.



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