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How many years do hamsters live – Syrian | Roborovsky | Chinese |Dwarf |Djungarian

How many years do hamsters live – Hamsters are one of the most beloved and popular pets. Small, friendly and unpretentious in the care, they fell in love with both children and adults. However, starting such a pet, it will be useful to know how many years the hamsters live. Unfortunately, you can’t call them long-livers, so decide for yourself if the child’s joy will be compensated for by watching the pet, the grief he’s going through when the rodent’s shortage is over.

How old do they grow?

Hamsters are born surprisingly tiny – about the size of a bean and weighing no more than 3-4 grams. Surprisingly, they not only survive, but also, with an abundance of breast milk, begin to grow quite quickly.

Definitely say how long they grow, it is simply impossible. The fact is that it depends primarily on the breed. In the smallest species (for example, dzhungariki) the young grow about 1-1.5 months. After that, they continue to grow, but mostly in breadth. That is, by this time they become adults. If you try to determine how old a hamster is by human standards, then you can roughly name a figure of 16-18 years old. Syrian hamsters are larger, so they grow for 1-2 weeks longer. Watching the different stages of development is really exciting. An experienced specialist, having looked at the cub, can confidently name his age with accuracy to several days. Let’s tell about it in more detail.

How to know how many hamster days

How to know how many hamster days

Newborn rodents have bare skin of dense red color. The show, to be honest, is not too pleasant. But just as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, so a strange, naked creature is growing rapidly, becoming more and more like that sweet, fluffy fat girl, which most people are used to seeing hamsters. The stages of growing up are like this:

  • Redness passes a day after birth – after that, the skin becomes more pink.
  • At the age of 6-8 days, the young begin to squeak, telling the mother that they are hungry. In addition, there is a liquid fluff, which will soon turn into a soft, thick fur.
  • On the 10-12th day, still blind, but curious hamsters crawl out of the house, crawling all over the cage, studying the mysterious world around.
  • By 15-20 day eyes open. After a few days, the fluff will change to normal coat. By this time, they willingly eat soft protein foods (boiled eggs, cottage cheese).
  • 30-40 days – in front of you almost an adult rodent. He is completely independent of his mother, feeds on his own, tries to make his own nest. Many aggressive breeds begin to quarrel because of the territory. So, it’s time to spread them in separate cells to avoid trouble.

So we figured out how to find out how many hamster days. Remembering these marks, you can quickly find out his age.

Can tell a lot about the hamster and its behavior, as well as accurate scales. The heavier the hamster, the older it is. In addition, after a year, the ears start to go bald – in young they are covered with the finest hair. May give age and attitude to sleep. Young individuals eat a lot of time, run, care for their fur. The old ones prefer to spend time free from food, for more eternal things – for example, for a healthy, sound sleep. If you are wondering how to determine how old a hamster is, these tips will allow you to determine whether he is younger than a year or has already crossed this line.

At what age is better to buy?

This is a very important question. On how correct the answer you find it depends on how much joy and positive rodent gives you.Experts advise buying an animal at least 1 month old. Younger individuals are highly dependent on mother’s milk and just a hamster society – they are not very comfortable living alone.

At the same time, it is undesirable to take hamsters older than 1 year. These are already elderly individuals – they move a little, sleep more. Of course, watching a house in which his pet sleeps will not bring too much joy to a child.

For the rest, you must decide for yourself. But most breeders try to buy young rodents – they are cheerful, active and playful. Moreover, thanks to youth, they will spend more time with you. But for fast-living hamsters every month is a whole era.

How long do hamsters live?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is disappointing. This is not to say that these cute animals are long-lived. But still, getting them, it is very important to know how many years homemade hamsters live.

Syrian hamster is considered long-lived age of life is on average from 3 to 5 years
Syrian hamster is considered long-lived age of life is on average from 3 to 5 years

It also depends on the breed. Smaller ones grow rapidly, age hastily and die quickly.

Are you curious how many years Syrian hamsters live? We can say that you are lucky – on average, they live for 2-3 years, but some individuals with good care live up to 4 and even 5 years – real longevity!

Of the common breeds, only Roborovsky hamsters get around them – their average lifespan ranges from 3 to 3.5 years – perhaps, in terms of human, this is close to 130-150 years.

The Chinese hamster has a significantly shorter age – around 2 – 2.5 years.

Interested in how many years live Dzungarian hamsters? It’s worse here. Most allotted only 1.5-2 years. Only rare long-livers make it 3 years.

Finally, Campbell’s hamsters, loved by many people, almost never live to be 2 years old – they are given the least time in their tribe.

However, take comfort – for so many years hamsters live at home, where they are loved, groomed, cared for and protected from heat, cold, drafts. In the wild, they live at least two times less. Therefore, supporters of the ban on keeping animals in cages are wrong – home hamsters can be called lucky ones who will live a long, comfortable life without hardships and constant danger.

What determines the duration of life?

A balanced diet plays an important role in the life span of a hamster
A balanced diet plays an important role in the life span of a hamster

A balanced diet plays an important role in the life span of a hamster

Of course, even in the domestic hamster life there are factors that can affect the life expectancy – both in a good way and in a bad one. So, the fact how long a hamster will live will depend not only on its breed, but also on the host’s relationship. What you need to do to your favorite rodent lived as long as possible? We will give some tips:

  1. Balanced diet. Approach this issue with all seriousness. Make sure that the diet provides the rodent with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements, contains less fat.
  2. High activity. Hamsters have a predisposition to obesity and, as a result, a number of diseases. But if a well-eating rodent spends whole hours in games with its neighbors, a wheel or a maze, it will burn excess calories, remain slim until the old age and live the maximum time allowed for it.
  3. Purity. The hamster perfectly monitors the state of the skin itself. But the cage will have to take care of the owner. It is necessary to regularly change the water in the drinker, remove the remnants of food before they start to rot, and also change the litter – it not only starts to smell bad, it can also get rid of dangerous bacteria. Once every few months, do a general cleaning – rinse the cage, house and drinker.

As you can see, taking care of a hamster is not at all difficult. And thanks to good care, your pet will surely live several months longer – for a rodent it is a very long time.



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